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People’s Liberation Army
China’s air force gets a lift with pilot’s promotion to top military job

China-EU trade
Shifting Tides: Can China Overtake US's South China Sea Fleet?

China's second aircraft carrier, the Shandong, is being constructed and is expected to be operational by next year.
China funding naval advancement; 2nd aircraft carrier Shandong underway

A Sun-synchronous orbit crosses over the equator at about the same local time each day (and night), allowing consistent observations of a military target.
China will Develop Long March 8 Rocket to Better Position Spy Satellites in Special Orbit

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Chinese weapons for sale at IDEX 2017.
China Claims US Provoking it into Spending more for Defense

AG600 seaplane.
PLA Eagerly Awaits Delivery of AG600 Seaplane to Supply South China Sea Garrisons

PLA's current Type 07 uniforms.
PLA Field Testing New Combat Uniforms with better Camouflage and Comfort

Type 98 main battle tanks of the People's Liberation Army Ground Force.
China’s Plan to Overhaul Outdated Weapons Industry is Faltering

China’s military buildup is growing at a rapid pace with the formation of the Rocket Force--responsible for the country's missiles.
Chinese Military Strength: Army Greets Lunar New Year with Powerful Missiles

Su-35S of the Russian Air Force.
Russia Unnerved by China’s Decision not to Buy any more Russian Combat Aircraft

USS John C. Stennis, which now patrols Asia.
The United States Remains Enemy Number 1, says China

DF-41 ICBMs on parade.
It’s About the US Disrespecting the PLA, says China of DF-41 ICBM Deployment

Chinese soldiers.
Xi tells PLA that Subservience to the Communist Party will Make it Win Wars

Mao Zedong
Sina Weibo Spat: Battle Between Liang Hongda and Mao Loyalists

Xi Jinping.
Xi Expands Control over PLA; Heads ‘Civil-Military Integration Body’

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