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The People's Liberation Army is urged to integrate with private businesses to speed up modernization.
Xi to Chinese Military: Work with Civilian Groups to Gear Up Science and Technology

Bottles of baijiu are displayed at a store in Beijing.
100 Members of The People's Liberation Army Air Force Punished for Disregarding, Violating Alcohol Ban

Su-35S of the Russian Air Force.
Russia Unnerved by China’s Decision not to Buy any more Russian Combat Aircraft

The Sharp Sword prototype.
China Envisions Combat Missions for its ‘Sharp Sword’ UCAV

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PLAAF H-6 bomber flies close to Japan.
China Oblivious to Threat of War from Air Patrols Close to Japan and South Korea

A screenshot from a commemoratory video of China's first female J-10 fighter jet pilot.
First Chinese Female J-10 Fighter Pilot a ‘Revolutionary Martyr’ After Fatal Flight Accident

Xi'an Y-20 in service with the PLAAF.
China to Build Commercial Heavy-Lift Cargo Aircraft to Challenge Boeing and Airbus

Chengdu J-20 in flight.
J-20 is a Low Observable Fourth Generation Fighter and not a True Stealth Jet

KJ-500 AEW&C aircraft
PLAAF to Build New AEW&C Plane to Track Enemy Warships at Long-range

A PLAAF H-6K strategic bomber and an Su-30MKK long-range fighter on the Miyako Strait patrol.
Japanese, Chinese Fighter Jets Face-off over Okinawa

Boeing's sixth generation fighter (concept drawing).
US Air Force Might Resurrect World War II Bomber Fleet Concept in Future Attacks on China

Concept for China's proposed H-20 strategic bomber.
New Strategic Bomber Being Developed by China Might be a Stealth Aircraft

PLAAF Su-30MKK fighters over the South China Sea.
China Provokes US, Manila with Combat Air Patrol 220 km from Philippine Mainland

Law enforcers try to control and fly drones in Shenzhen.
PLA Air Force to Help Regulate, Manage Use of Civilian Drones

Outgoing Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) helicopter pilots watch as a helicopter full of new air force personnel arrives at a ceremony in Hong Kong on Nov. 25, 2007.
PLA Air Force Takes Off in China’s Social Networks

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