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Construction of the CNS Shandong as of October 2016.
China will Build Six Aircraft Carriers to Ensure Control of Asian Seas

Bottles of baijiu are displayed at a store in Beijing.
100 Members of The People's Liberation Army Air Force Punished for Disregarding, Violating Alcohol Ban

Liaoning launches a J-15.
China’s Third Aircraft Carrier will be First to use Steam Catapults to Launch Aircraft

The Type 052D guided-missile destroyer, CNS Kunming.
Newest Chinese Destroyers Deployed to Defend South China Sea

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Prototype Chinese carrier-launched AEW&C.
China Leaks First Photos of New AEW&C plane for New Aircraft Carrier

Liaoning and her escorts.
China Revamps Leadership of the People’s Liberation Army Navy Fleets

U.S. Navy carrier group.
US Navy’s New Sea Control Strategy a Manifestation of its Cold War Mentality and Hegemonism

The new Chinese spy ship, CNS Kaiyangxing (856),
China Adds one More Spy Ship to its Growing Spy Ship Fleet

PLAAF H-6 bomber flies close to Japan.
China Oblivious to Threat of War from Air Patrols Close to Japan and South Korea

Akash missile unleashed.
India Arming Vietnam with More India-made Weapons as Threat from China Looms

USS Zumwalt docks at Naval Station San  Diego.
US Navy Develops New Strategy for Surface Warfare against China and Russia

Liaoning launches a J-15.
China’s Navy ‘Imprisoned’ in South China Sea for at Least Two More Decades

China Deploys First Aircraft Carrier to the Western Pacific

Liaoning launches a J-15.
China Sends Liaoning Battle Group to Frighten Taiwan

A J-15 takes-off from the Liaoning
Aircraft Carrier Liaoning’s Latest Sortie a Message to Trump

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