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Pikachu is preparing for its next move in
'Pokemon Sun and Moon' news: Ongoing tech issue causing players to fail on its Global Missions?

'Pokemon Sun and Moon' is an upcoming Nintendo 3DS game that will be released on Nov. 18.
‘Pokemon Sun and Moon’ leaks & updates: To feature new Pokemon stats, Pokemon types, menu options

Several Pokemon Go-related crime incidences have been recorded in England since the app launched in July 2016.
Nintendo unveils new feature to cover Players’ entire Pokémon collection, To be available in ‘Pokemon Sun and Moon’ by 2017 [VIDEO]

Nintendo overhauls Global Link System for ‘Pokemon Sun and Moon’ update; Adds new Battle System, QR Rental System, Hyper Training Mode

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Nintendo reveals the latest Pokemon transformation of Greninja, Ash-Greninja in
‘Pokemon Sun, Moon’ Ash-Greninja available through special demo

Legendary Pokémon of the X and Y games will be distributed with the premiere of the new Pokémon anime, XY & Z.
‘Pokemon Sun and Moon’ news & update: First ‘Pokemon Sun and Moon’ trailer introduces ‘Ash the Student’; Ash to push journey in Alola with Pikachu

'Pokémon Sun and Moon' latest news and update: Each getting their own version-exclusive Ultra Beast, time shift explained

'Pokemon Sun and Moon' is an upcoming Nintendo 3DS game that will be released on Nov. 18.
‘Pokémon Sun and Moon’ news & update: Original Pokémon added to the Alola Pokédex, some have Alolan forms

'Pokemon Sun and Moon' new trailer teases new gameplay modes and other features.
‘Pokémon Sun and Moon’ release, news & update: Everything you need to know on new characters, hyper training

The Pokemon company reveals The Island Passage, a Rite of Passage for all trainers who go through the Alola region.
Latest ‘Pokemon Sun,Moon’ trailer reveals old Pokemon Alola versions, Z-Moves, new Pokemon, Poke Ride

Nintendo reveals the newest feature for
‘Pokemon Sun, Moon’ more detailed information revealed for new Pokemon; New feature for training announced

Rumor has it that
‘Pokemon Sun and Moon’ trailer reveals new Pokemon characters and abilities?

Rumor has it that
‘Pokemon Sun and Moon’ updates: New bear Pokemon, ghost Pokemon revealed

Pokemon Pikachu is being petted by its owner in
‘Pokemon Sun, Moon’ new trailer launched recently; 2 new Pokemon revealed

Nintendo reveals the three powerful forms of Pokemon Zygarde and their full powers.
‘Pokemon Sun, Moon’ video reveals Rockruff, Komala; New Pokemon revealed

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