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Walt Disney Chairman and CEO Robert Iger attends the unveilling ceremony of the Shanghai Disney Resort at Shanghai Expo Center on July 15, 2015.
Disney CEO 'Thanks' China for Ending One-child Policy

A Chinese care worker holds children on her lap as she cares for them at a foster care center in Beijing, April 2, 2014.
China Lifts One-child Policy, Couples Now Allowed Two Children

17.1 percent of China's population consists children aged 0-14 years old.
China's Population to Peak in 2017, Draws Concern from Experts

China imposes stricter regulations on abortions as the country faces a gender imbalance crisis.
Ban on Selective Abortions Widens to Curb China’s Gender Imbalance

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A composite image shows 36 people, one person born each year that China's one-child policy has been in place, made from a series of portraits shot in Shanghai.
China Weighs Changes to Its One-Child Policy

China's population is expected to increase by 1 million more in 2015.
China Forecasts 1 Million More Births in 2015

In other Chinese regions, qualified couples are being encouraged to apply for a second child.
Senior Official Calls for Measures to Decrease Birth Rate in Xinjiang

Taiwanese women outnumber men by 37,800.
Survey Says There Are 37,800 More Women than Men in Taiwan

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