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Authorities find it highly difficult to eradicate China's sex trade due to its increasingly innovating nature alongside outdated laws.
Curbing China’s Sex Trade Now More Difficult with Its Growing Sophistication, Old Policies

Police Crack Down On Prostitution Through Operations In Chengdu
Chinese Women Engaged in Prostitution in New Zealand & Indonesia

Alipay Works In Beijing's Hospitals
Chinese Netizens Accuse Alipay of Helping Female Prostitutes Sell Sex Services

Tourism Continues In Bali Despite Terrorism Concerns
California Extradites Chinese Man Involved in Sex Trafficking of Women to U.S.

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Massage Parlors
Money Gram Transfer Possible Key to Minnesota-China Prostitution Ring

Sex Worker's Day - Protest Rally
North Korean Poverty Drives Women to China’s Border to Work as Prostitutes

Pop star Mariah Carey's HIV-positive sister arrested on prostitution charges

Prostitution is a major criminal offense in China.
Sex Worker Given Access to Inmates; Corruption in Jiangxi Jail Exposed

2007 Beijing 798 Art Festival
Police Break Ring of High School Students in Shanghai & Chongqing Working as Prostitutes

K-pop Star Park Yoo-chun Appears At Police For Questioning Over Rape Allegations
Park Yoochun Faces Solicitation of Prostitution & Fraud Charges Instead of Being Acquitted

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tokyo Premiere
Chinese Business Sues Australian Escort Agency for Failure to Deliver Promise that Megan Fox Would have Sex with Him

‘Game of Thrones’ (GoT) Season 7 premiere delayed? Expect major character death, ultimate confrontation and powerful union when the show returns [Spoilers]
'Game of Thrones' saved Josephine Gillan from real-life prostitution by making her act like one

Police Raid Entertainment Center In Beijing
Academic Blue Paper Calls for Legalization of Sex Trade

Economy Slows Down In Fading Factory Town
2014 Anti-Prostitution Campaign Results in Turnaround of Dongguan from Sex Capital of China to Rising Manufacturing Hub

Prostitution in such establishments is no new news, because people are all aware of the prevailing practice of slipping ads for sex workers under doors of hotel rooms.
Prostitution Rings Still Prevalent in Chinese Budget Hotels

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