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YouTube Screen icon displaying Donald Trump and Nostradamus behind a chaotic environment.
Nostradamus Predictions 2017: From Donald Trump to Putin, Third Antichrist & World War 3; Is humanity prepared?

US Warns Russia “Aliens On Their Way, Will Be Here In 2017”
Nostradamus predictions: Alien UFO assault by 2017, Vladimir Putin taking over the planet

Donald Trump calling Putin.
Nostradamus Predictions, Baba Vanga Prophecy: Either Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin the ‘Antichrist’; US, Russia, or China to bring end-times?

Russian President Vladimir Putin visited China for the V-J Day parade.
Putin Reveals Secret Plan To Takeover Crimea Before Referendum Was Issued

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Boris Nemtsov
Russian Authorities Formally Press Charges Against 2 Suspects In Nemtsov Murder

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