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Considered as one of China’s greatest treasures, the terracotta warriors would not have been discovered if not for two farmers who found terracotta pottery in a site outside Xi’an.
Terracotta Warriors Exhibit Will Open in Seattle for the First Time

Chinese Olympian Ning Zetao is one of the country's
Modern Trends in Chinese Masculinity Similar to Ancient Times

'Turandot' Rehearsal For Bregenz Festival
Study Says Builders of China’s Terracotta Army Ate Dog Meat

The Lei Family was credited with several of the well-known buildings in the Forbidden City.
Exhibition in Australia Features Scroll by Legendary Chinese Architecture Family

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Sun Li plays the lead in both
Upcoming Series 'The Legend of Mi Yue' Creates International Stir

Archaeologists have reason to believe that the tomb owner is in fact Liu He, grandson of Emperor Wu.
Oldest Portrait of Confucius Found in 2,000-year-old Tomb

The artifacts are believed to have been stolen from tombs in Dabuzishan, Lixian County, Gansu Province.
24 Gold Ornaments Handed Over to China from French Collectors

The Terracotta Warriors (also known as the Terracotta Army or Terracotta Soldiers) of Emperor Qin Shi Huang found in Shaanxi Province in central China is a known UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Archaeologists Resume Work on Terra Cotta Warriors at Mausoleum of China's First Emperor in Xi'an

Archaeologists have found a complete set of ancient crossbow in the Xi'an, Shaanxi Province.
Scientists Get Chance to Study Ancient Chinese Crossbow Found in Xi'an

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