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President Xi Jinping has called for the protection of Qinghai Lake and other resources of the region during a three-day visit to Qinghai Province.
Xi Urges Protection of Environment amid Development During Qinghai Visit

Tibetan Film Wins Over Audiences at Prestigious Film Festival

Researchers examine and analyze a region's regional biocapacity, which indicates the level of biological materials the region can produce.
China's Biodiversity in Dire Straits: WWF China Report

The snow-covered Bayan Har Mountains in Chindu County of Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, northwest China's Qinghai Province.
Yushu Intensifies Promotion of Tourist Attractions

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Poaching of black medlar began after the discovery of its medicinal properties.
Public Concerned Over Black Medlar Poaching

The Chinese government built the Lhasa-Gonggar Airport highway in Tibet as part of the infrastructure development in the region.
President Xi Calls for National and Ethnic Unity as Key to Stability in Tibet Region

The naked carp thrives on Qinghai Lake’s saline water.
Agricultural Irrigation Systems Threaten Qinghai Lake's Naked Carp Population

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