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Most of the people celebrating New Year's for 2017 actually celebrated it a second to early because they did not account for the extra leap second.
Did 2016 feel longer than past years? There's a scientific explanation for that

What happens at your MOBILE UNIT breast screening appointment?
Cancer treatment update: Prostate, breast cancer breakthroughs recently discovered by experts

Marty, the dancing robot.
Marty the Robot can Entertain and Help Kids love STEM and Robotics

An artist's rendition of the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft hovering over Bennu the asteroid.
What can the world’s largest single-dish radio telescope in China do?

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Sugar Tax Proposed Following WHO Global Report On Diabetes
Sugar industry manipulates science, hides the truth about its contribution to heart disease

Colin Dealey stands in front of a thermal imaging camera in a giant fridge, which simulates arctic conditions, to test the insulation of his coat in the National Geographic store on Regent Street.
New thermographic camera can identify whether love cupid has struck

An advanced manifestation of PLEDs is skin-embedded digital displays, once the technology is fully developed.
PLEDs: Scientists create super-thin diodes that can turn human skin into a digital display

Aedes aegypti mosquitoes are seen in a lab at the Fiocruz institute in Recife, Pernambuco state, Brazil, on Jan. 26, 2016.
South China Lab Sterilizes Mosquitoes to Fight Dengue, Zika

Scientists in China have made new discoveries to counter Ebola virus, forging hope towards finding a cure for the killer Ebola Virus disease (EVD).
China Science: China discovers new cure to counter Ebola Virus

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