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More military and civilian aircraft from China are being sold to the African market.
Beijing to Restrict Flights for September V-J Day Parade

The People's Liberation Army has achieved breakthroughs for China's laser weapon technology.
New Data Sheds Light on China’s Role in World War II

Huang posits that the parade is a warning to Washington not to interfere with regional disputes.
China Reveals Details on World War II Commemorative Parade

A Japanese plane lands in Zhijiang
Hunan Museum Debuts Photos Documenting Surrender of Japanese Troops During WWII

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People's Liberation Army (PLA) soldiers wave a Chinese national flag for National Day in Beijing.
Further Details of China’s World War II 70th Anniversary Event Announced

A boy places a flower on a sculpture depicting Chinese fighters during the World War II.
China, Russia to Hold World War II Victory Celebrations

The Land of the Rising Sun is on the brink of a population crisis.
China to Rebuild Iconic Jewish Cafe from WWII

The coins were made to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the triumph in the Chinese People's War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression.
China to Release Coins in Remembrance of World War II

President Xi Jinping invited Prime Minister Shinzo Abe for the military parade in Beijing.
Chinese Writer Asks for Remorse from Japan to Avoid Future Conflict

Chinse President Xi Jingping during a military parade.
China's World War II Military Parade: Flexing Might or Peace-Loving?

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