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A scene at the 18th Guangzhou Sex Culture Festival
PHOTOS: The 18th Guangzhou Sex Culture Festival [NSFW]

5s Robot Shop
Visitors to 5S Changsa Robot Shop Come for Selfies, Not to Buy ‘Magic Beauty’ Sex Doll

Made To Order Sex Dolls Available In Japan
Moroccan Police Raid on Chinese Section of Market Yields No Sex Dolls

156 Doll
156 Sex Doll is Married Chinese Migrant Worker’s Top Choice to Ease Loneliness & Remain Faithful to Wife

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The World's Most Realistic Love Dolls
Sex Doll Market, Valued at 100 Billion Yuan, Booms in China

Shanghai Adult Toys and Reproductive Health Exhibition
More Chinese Women Buying Sex Products Online – But It’s Often for the Partner’s Use

Sex Dolls as Bonus
Tech Startup in China Offers Sex Dolls to Single Male Workers as Bonus Instead of Cash

Sex toys in China have become increasingly accepted and popular, with around 70 percent of sex toys in the world produced in the country.
Sex Toy Industry Booms in China Amid Lack of Safety Regulations

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