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Experts call for sex education in China's curriculum to lessen STDs and unwanted pregnancies.
Experts Recommend Sex Education for China's Students to Limit Unwanted Pregnancy, STDs

Currently, there is no official sex education in Chinese schools that could help in preventing AIDS transmission.
Chinese NGO Promotes AIDS Prevention Education in Schools

Aside from Peking University, there are only about 30 Chinese colleges that offer sex education.
Chinese College Students Lack Sex Ed

Silas Timberlake is seen here with his celeb mother Jessica Biel.
Justin Timberlake's Wife Jessica Biel Set To Revamp Sex Education

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A Chinese student learns how to put on a condom at an AIDS awareness event at Tsinghua University in Beijing.
Sex Education in China’s Colleges Lacking: Survey

Sexologist Fang Gang gives a lecture on sex education to educators in Shandong.
Human Reproduction Expert Lectures Educators in Shandong

The proliferation of ads is to blame for the increased abortion rate among youngsters in China.
Too Many Abortion Ads and Too Little Human Reproduction Education for Chinese Youth

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