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An HIV-positive school teacher wins a lawsuit against a school that abruptly ended his contract.
HIV-positive Chinese Teacher Wins Legal Bout Against Local School

Actor Charlie Sheen is sued by former fiancee Scottine Ross (Brett Rossi) for negligence, physical abuse, and emotional distress.
Charlie Sheen Spends $4,000/Month On HIV Drugs; Wants To Discover A Cure For Virus

Retirement For Tailor Who Has Helped To Create Some Of The Clergies Finest Robes
Swedish Health Clinic Hands Out Special Tape That Measures Circumference, Not Length, Of Male Genital [NSFW]

Premiere Of Dimension Films' 'Scary Movie 5' - Red Carpet
Because Blood Tests Did Not Reveal Presence Of HIV, Charlie Sheen Still Had Sex With Various Women After Diagnosis

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In 2002, students infected with HIV/AIDS in Guangzhou reflected 0.74 percent of the total infected population in the city.
Guangzhou Continues Fight Against HIV/AIDS Cases Among Students

color-changing condoms
New ‘Smart Condom’ Changes Color After Detecting STDs Herpes, Syphilis

The cover of the magazine Vangardist was printed with ink mixed with HIV+ blood.
China Launches HIV/AIDS Anti-Discrimination Film

Condoms and other contraceptives are seen by some as the only way to prevent premarital pregnancy and the spread of STDs.
Condom Vending Machines to Be Installed in All University Campuses in Beijing

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