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Foreign Enterprises in China
China’s Plan for Nationwide Digitalization in Business Registration to Benefit Local, Foreign Companies

About 30 percent of items sold on major Chinese e-commerce platforms fail quality standards.
Consumers to Be Entitled to Refund on Unsatisfactory Online Purchases

CEO Jack Ma has vowed to get rid of counterfeits in online shopping platform Alibaba.
Jack Ma Vows to Rid Alibaba of Counterfeits

Self-employed and private firms create one-third of China's jobs.
A Third of Jobs in China Comprise Self-employed, Private Firms: Study

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Chinese authorities prepare to destroy fake goods confiscated by police.
SAIC to Launch New Crackdown on Fake Goods in Online Trading Sites

After Premier Li Keqiang's call for Chinese firms' privatization and quitting in their U.S. listings, more firms are now getting buyout offers from CEOs.
CEO’s Viral Letter to Premier Li Vented Woes of Chinese Businessmen on Gov’t Bureaucracy

Employees of Tmall, part of Alibaba, work online to serve customers.
Jack Ma’s Alibaba to Face Stricter E-Commerce Regulations at Home

An officer talks beside confiscated counterfeit golf clubs during a presentation in Beijing. Chinese regulators have been putting increasing pressure on businesses over fake goods.
China Must Sanction E-Commerce Businesses Breaking Counterfeit Laws, Says Regulator

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