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According to a recently released guideline, CPC leadership should be enhanced in various aspects.
China Calls for CPC Leadership Enhancement in Cultural Organizations

The central government’s commitment to freedom of information only applies to the realm of voluntarily disclosed information.
Hainan Official Reprimanded for Failure to Keep Government Website Up-to-Date

Graduate students stand in line waiting for the opening of the job fair at Huazhong University of Science and Technology on Feb. 27, 2011 in Wuhan.
Chinese Govt Encourages Graduates to Work in Less Developed Regions

President Xi Jinping visits an exhibition on China's science and technology achievements in June 2016.
China Declares May 30 ‘Sci-Tech Workers' Day’

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An establishment in Ireland that uses Bitcoin for payment displays a signage for customers.
Bitcoin’s Rise: China’s New Capital Restrictions Seen to Drive the Digital Currency’s Price

China's state council wants to make sure that foreign trade levels are maintained effectively.
China's State Council Vows to Increase Efforts to Maintain Foreign Trade Stability

China's deficit for 2016 is estimated at 2.18 trillion yuan.
State Council Takes Various Measures to Reduce Taxes and Fees

Premier Li Keqiang sees immediate need to boost private investments in China.
Premier Li Urges Private Businesses to Invest in Government's Key Projects

One-fifth of China's arable land is polluted.
By 2020: State Council Eyes Restoring 90 Percent of China's Contaminated Agri Land

China is one of the world's largest consumers of salt.
Chinese Government to Liberalize Salt Price Control

The State Council decided to include Shanghai in the country's systematic innovation reform.
Shanghai Set to Become a Science Innovation Center

To make matters worse, the vaccine scandal has created an atmosphere of distrust toward China’s medical system.
State Council Creates Team to Investigate Vaccine Scandal

To improve urban development and optimize the use of street networks in cities, an open and easy-access street-and-block system must be implemented nationwide.
Local Governments Advised to Tear Down Residential Walls to Ease Traffic

China is intensifying its efforts to establish a support system for people with extreme difficulties.
People with Extreme Difficulties to Receive Improved Support from Government

Hukou plays an important role in Chinese society as it allows the bearer access to state education and healthcare.
DNA Tests Increase as State Council Implements New National Policy

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