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People examine fake cigarettes during a promotional event of World Consumer Rights Day in Beijing, on March 15, 2007.
Lack of Graphic Labels on Cigarette Packs Hampers China’s Tobacco Control: NGO

Advocates continue to push for tougher tobacco regulations in China.
Beijing Youth Exposed to Tobacco

A Chinese laborer smokes as he takes a break in Gucheng Village, Tongzhou District, Beijing, on Oct. 15, 2015.
Smoking Myth Gives Slim Cigarettes a Rising Popularity in China

New studies reveal that one in three young Chinese men is likely to die from smoking.
One-third of Young Chinese Men Die from Smoking, Studies Say

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Scientists discovered a smoke cessation therapy that involved bacterial enzyme.
Smoke Cessation Therapy: Bacterial Enzyme Can Help People Quit Smoking

Liquid nicotine pose danger to minors
FDA Seeking User Report On Liquid Nicotine In View Of Increased Incidents Of Nicotine Poisoning Among Infants And Children

The Chinese government steps up its effort in combatting tobacco usage and raises the commodity's tax to 11 percent.
China’s Tobacco Tax Raised to More Than Double

Only 4 percent of smokers succeed in quitting on their own.
Raise Smoking Age To 25? FDA Foresee Drastic Health Benefits If Approved: Report

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