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Flying Saucer is said to be lifting off a secret base in Washington.
UFO sighting news: UFO secret base discovered in Washington; Flying saucer lifting off caught on camera

Mars Alien Underground Structures
Argentina's mysterious 'eye' island may hold secret alien base; Investigation campaign launched

Dr. Norman Bergrun
Respected NASA Scientist Claims ‘Living Alien UFOs’ Populate Saturn’s Rings

Hillary Clinton Attends Des Moines Campaign Organizing Event
Campaign Chairman Gets Hillary Clinton Committed To Investigate Area 51 & Help Find Truth About Aliens

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A baffled Eva Airlines passenger believes that he recorded the sight of at least eight UFOs in the sky beneath the plane's right wing
UFO Sightings News: Witness Video Shows Multiple UFOs Flying Under Jetliner

Bizarre Unidentified Object dubbed 'WTF' is on collision course with Earth
Bizarre Unidentified Object Dubbed ‘WTF’ to Hit Earth Next Month

Scorpion-Like Creature
UFO Sightings Website Claims Curiosity Rover Found Scorpion-Like Creature In Mars

UFO Being Transported Near Area 51, Nevada
UFO Observers Report Sightings In Costa Rica, Australia

Ryanair Jet
Did UFO Cause Ryanair To Delay Landing At Liverpool John Lennon Airport?

Horned Particle
Scientists Claim Image Of ET Organism Is Proof Of Alien Life

Trump's Helicopter
UFO Spotter Films ‘Blob’ Near Donald Trump’s Chopper

Exeter UFO Festival
New Hampshire Town Marks On Labor Weekend 50 Years Of Alleged UFO Sighting By Resident With Festival

Can you spot the spoon on Mars? This image was taken by Mastcam: Left (MAST_LEFT) onboard NASA's Mars rover Curiosity on Sol 1089 (2015-08-30 01:00:25 UTC).
Neuroscientist Explains Sighting Of Objects On Mars To Pareidolia

See the UFOs? Watch the video here
[VIDEO] NASA Cuts Live Feed of UFOs

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