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Typhoon Nida
What U.N. Tribunal Could Not Remove in South China Sea, Typhoon Nida Could Wipe Out China’s Artificial Reefs

Rallies In Manila Over The South China Sea Dispute
China to Build 20 Offshore Nuclear Platforms in South China Sea

An aerial photo shows one of the lighthouses built by China on Johnson South Reef in the Spratly Islands.
International Politics Expert Estimates Cost of China Overdue Rent to Philippines for Use of Disputed Islands is $177B

Smashed iPhones
Chinese Bash U.N. PCA South China Sea Ruling by Smashing iPhones

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Criticism of China’s South China Sea Stand to Intensify at ASEM in Mongolia

Rallies In Manila Over The South China Sea Dispute
Taiwan & Hong Kong Back China in U.N. PCA Arbitration Case

Dried Mangoes from Cebu
Chinese Get Even on U.N. PCA Verdict by Boycotting Dried Mangoes from Philippines on Taobao

#CHexit Hashtag
#CHexit Hashtag Trends, Chinese Official Thinks U.N. PCA Judges Bribed in South China Sea Dispute

PCA Jurisdictional Hearing
UN Permanent Court of Arbitration Favors the Philippines in South China Sea Dispute

Chinese vessels are seen around Fiery Cross Reef in the disputed Spratly Islands in the South China Sea.
China and ASEAN Should Retain Cooperation Amid International Ruling

Volvo Ocean Race 2014-2015 - Leg 9 to Gothenburg
South China Sea’s 5th Lighthouse Construction on Meiji Reef by China Almost Complete

Paul Reichler
China Wants Philippines to Ignore U.N. PCA Decision to Begin Talks on Disputed Islands

PCA Jurisdictional Hearing
Philippine Chief Lawyer in PCA Arbitration Case Sees China Becoming ‘Outlaw State’ if Beijing Refuses Verdict

Philippine Delegation to UN PCA
U.N. Permanent Court of Arbitration Moves Release of Scaroborough Shoal Decision to July 12

China remains intact in its intent to protect maritime territory in the South China Sea.
China Contends the Jurisdiction of Arbitration Court

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