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The Ancient City of Petra
Petra-Jiayuguan Link Has Been Approved; Sister Cities Expect Tourism Surge

A worker paints the wall of the Potala Palace during an annual renovation of the magnificent ancient architectural complex in Lhasa, capital of Southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, Oct. 28, 2016.
Potala Palace Gets Annual Whitewash

Many foreign leaders go to the Palace Museum when in China.
Historic Palace Museum to Display Emperor’s Toys, Imperial Kitchen and Crown Prince Residence

The Great Wall, one of the most iconic structures in the world, is more or less the symbol of China. Due to its history and beauty, it also attracts a great number of tourists each year.
Villagers Rebuild Sections of the Great Wall, One Man Provides Financing

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China's 800-year-old Lijiang town in Yunnan Province is not impervious to threats as this World Heritage Site is one of the top domestic tourist destinations.
Designation May Be Causing More Harm to UNESCO Sites

The Zhijin Cave is believed to be about half a million years old, and serves as an undisturbed habitat for a variety of boars, bats and serpents.
Explore Zhijin Cave, One of the World's Largest Karst Caves

G.E.M. performed on the mountain of Jungfrau.
G.E.M. Hits High Notes Atop the Swiss Alps

Who would have thought that the Xi'an Railway Station would attract a number of drug addicts and child beggars?
Illegal Drug Activities, Mendicancy Plague Xi'an Railway Station

Angkor Wat in Siem Reap attracts millions of tourists from all over the globe annually.
China's 'Sky Eyes' to Help in the Preservation of Cambodia's Angkor Wat

In the heart of China's Hubei Province lies a chieftain grave that could be one of UNESCO's world heritage sites.
Chinese Chieftain Officially Bids for World Cultural Heritage Status

Pingyao, Shanxi Province
Old Town of Pingyao: Untouched Architectural Jewel of Ancient China

Red Army troops traveled by foot from Yangtze River to Shaanxi Province for two years.
Barriers Arise as China Aims for UNESCO World Heritage Prestige for the Red Army Route

China promotes the little-known Tusi sites to raise the modern society's awareness about the ancient chieftain system in the country.
China Steps Up Effort in Raising Awareness on Tusi Heritage Sites

For five years now, the Xigaze and Yangbajain photovoltaic plants have provided power for solar water heaters and some 400,000 solar cookers.
More Than $34 Million Spent to Preserve Historic Tibet Palace

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