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Some species of seabirds, including blue petrels, are particularly vulnerable to eating plastic debris at sea.
Scientists Discover why Some Seabirds Like to Eat Plastic

Humans on Mars.
Prolonged Space Travel Leads to Weaker Spinal Muscles and the Danger of ‘Space Brain’

Physicists at the Institute for Nuclear Research in Debrecen, Hungary used this electron-positron spectrometer to find evidence for a new particle that might be the fifth fundamental force of nature.
Scientists might have Finally Discovered the Fifth Fundamental Force of Nature

Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Can Stop Malaria Spread In Humans: Science
Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Can Stop Malaria Spread In Humans: Science [VIDOE]

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''The Big Bang Theory'' stars Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting,  Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki, Simon Helberg, Kunal Nayyar, Melissa Rauch  and Mayim Bialik.
'Big Bang Theory' Cast To Offer Scholarship To Aspiring Scientists

Berkeley Robot for the Elimination of Tedious Tasks (BRETT) robot
BRETT The Robot Learns Like Human By Trial And Error [VIDEO]

Tanishq Abraham
11-Year-Old Child Prodigy Earns 3 College Degrees 1 Year After High School

NASA logo
Cosmic Rays Affect Astronaut's Brain Performance, Can Be Countered By Shielding Or Drugs: Research

solar system
Ground-based Telescopes Discover That Earth's Nearest Neighbor 54 is Light Years Away

Is Being Idle Good for Brain? Few Minutes of Meditation Could Fight Cognitive Impairment and Migraines

Dog lick
Dog Saliva May Have Beneficial Bacteria and Probiotic Effects

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