Microsoft’s ‘Windows 10 Cloud’ is reportedly simpler version that could rival Google’s Chrome OS

| Feb 05, 2017 03:49 PM EST

Microsoft’s “Windows 10 Cloud” is reportedly a simpler version of the operating system that could challenge Google’s Chrome OS.

Microsoft launched Windows 10 in mid-2015 with the ardent goal of a sky-high one billion devices around the world using the operating system.  The tech giant recently reported that the OS had been installed on about 300 million devices. A new version called "Windows 10 Cloud" could help the company compete with Chromebooks running Google's Chrome OS.     

ZDNet reported the new version of Windows 10. The simpler version for desktops and laptops will allegedly only run Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps that users download from Windows Store. In other words PCs with Windows 10 Cloud will be unable to install apps from other sources.

The Italian blog Windows Blog Italia then published screenshots of the operating service, according to Mashable. They look very similar to the standard version of Windows 10.

Windows 10 Cloud is simpler based on where apps are installed from. The tech blog, for example, reported an issue when it tried to install VLC player that was downloaded from the media player's website.

An error message appeared. It said that the version of Windows was designed to protect users and their devices by only running Windows Store apps.

This move can help to prevent Internet security issues such as viruses. A big problem, however, is that the Windows Store has a limited library of apps.

The name "Windows 10 Cloud" is interesting. While Chrome OS is based on cloud-based apps and services the Microsoft platform is not closely linked to the cloud.

Microsoft might have named the software so it competes directly against Google's Chrome OS and Chromebooks. The reason is that the software does not provide the full Windows 10 experience.  

One key benefit of Chromebooks is their price tag. Their prices are much lower than Windows 10-based laptops and also Apple's MacBooks.

The tech company seems to have a few goals. This year Chromebooks are set to get Android apps from Google's Play store, and Windows 10 Cloud helps to focus on highlighting Windows Store on PCs.

Windows Blog Italia also stated that Windows Store apps built under Microsoft's Desktop Bridge can run on the new version of Windows 10, according to Tech Times. Centennial gives developers the ability to port Win32 apps to Microsoft's Windows Store.

Microsoft has not announced a release date for Windows Cloud. It might, however, be launched with the Windows 10 Creators Update in April.

Here are some hidden Windows 10 tips & tricks:

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