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The World Is At War - A Trade War - Ignited By Trump

With no long-term strategy whatsoever and no inkling of what it really wants except to "win," the Trump administration has purposely triggered a trade war with China that will engulf the entire world.

Spotlight: World gets into mode of Spring Festival celebration

Artists from Hangzhou perform during the celebration of the Chinese Lunar New Year

As the Chinese New Year is getting closer, the world is getting into the mood of the Spring Festival celebration.

London’s Heathrow airport, duty-free shop sorry over ‘Chinese discrimination’ controversy

Chinese customers at a World Duty Free store had to spend over US$1,300 to earn discount coupons, while their counterparts from other countries needed to buy as little as US$110 to qualify

China’s J-20 stealth fighter jets have been deployed to combat units.

Beiing orders new jets to be used in ‘more regular’ patrols over hotly contested South China Sea

But military expert says although J-20 stealth fighter has entered combat service, its status and readiness is still unclear

How UK Bettors Find Good Online Sports Betting Sites

How UK Bettors Find Good Online Sports Betting Sites

Great News for Football Fans After the World Cup

France winning the World Cup was a huge moment of celebration for millions of football fans out there. However, it wasn’t all joy for everyone since the fans of Croatia are still recovering after what they felt was an unfair defeat after ...


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