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Artists from Hangzhou perform during the celebration of the Chinese Lunar New Year

Spotlight: World gets into mode of Spring Festival celebration

As the Chinese New Year is getting closer, the world is getting into the mood of the Spring Festival celebration.

China calls for U.S. restraint over trade restrictions

US china trade

China on Tuesday called on the United States to restrain the use of trade restrictions after the latter decided to launch trade remedy investigations on imported welded pipes.

London’s Heathrow airport, duty-free shop sorry over ‘Chinese discrimination’ controversy

Chinese customers at a World Duty Free store had to spend over US$1,300 to earn discount coupons, while their counterparts from other countries needed to buy as little as US$110 to qualify

China’s J-20 stealth fighter jets have been deployed to combat units.

Beiing orders new jets to be used in ‘more regular’ patrols over hotly contested South China Sea

But military expert says although J-20 stealth fighter has entered combat service, its status and readiness is still unclear

The Hottest Artificial Intelligence Technologies Right Now

Find Out Which AI Technologies are Shaping our Future Meta description: A thing that was Sci-Fi movies material just 10 – 15 years back, Artificial Intelligence is more and more present in our daily lives in one form or another. Sure, you can’t speak about intelligent robots just yet. However, AI technologies are already making our lives easier.

Visitors try out the massively multiplayer online role-playing game 'World Of Warcraft' at the Blizzard Entertainment stand at the Gamescom 2016 gaming trade fair during the media day on August 17, 2016 in Cologne, Germany.

Gaming Trends to Look Forward to And Embrace

The gaming industry is one that never seems to slow down. Technology advances at such a rapid rate it means that the whole landscape of the industry is constantly evolving as it moves with the times.

Windows Store Vs. Google Play: The Verdict

Windows Store Vs. Google Play: The Verdict

Millions of Chinese cram onto trains to make the annual pilgrimage home for the Lunar New Year holiday

How bullet trains are transforming China’s Lunar New Year travel rush

Increasing numbers taking high-speed trains to travel across the country to return home for the holiday period

Lifestyle Aimed at Success

How to Create a Lifestyle Aimed at Success

Most people think that the lifestyle they dream about will come when they are more successful and have more money. And while this is true in some regards—you can’t take off on that first-class Caribbean cruise without the income to make ...


SAP Steps Up Efforts To Promote Opportunities Brought by the Belt and Road Initiative

SAP SE, a German multinational software corporation that makes enterprise software to manage business operations and customer relations, is stepping up its efforts tap the opportunity that the Belt and Road initiative offers.

The Most Significant Sports Victories 2017

Major sporting events always bring us new winners. Find out who surprised the world of sports in 2017.


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