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President-elect Donald Trump and Jack Ma, chairman of Alibaba Group, emerge from the elevators to speak to reporters following their meeting at Trump Tower, Jan. 9, 2017 in New York City.

Reasons Why Alibaba’s Promise to Create One Million US Jobs May Not Be Possible

The promise made by Alibaba founder and executive chairman Jack Ma to create one million jobs in the U.S. may sound virtuous, but for some people, the possibility that it will be fulfilled could be far-fetched.

China's Economic Growth in 2017 Bleak: Report

Chinese President Xi Jinping Meets Dignitaries In Beijing

Changes in politics across the globe and some challenges to China's economic policies will result in more problems and pressure in 2017 for the world's second largest economy.

Four-fold Increase in New Energy Vehicle Production by 2020

China is planning to quadruple the annual output to 2 million units by 2020. The government wants to reach a target by 2025, wherein one out of five cars sold in the country will be a new energy model.

Vehicles run in the smog on March 17, 2016 in Beijing, China.

Beijing Smog Might Cause Massive Exodus

As the smog problem remains unresolved, the citizens of Beijing are now thinking of moving to smaller cities and the countryside. Academics say that the exodus will cause irreparable harm to the country in the long run.

Trump Face Musk is Top Product of Shenzhen Factory

Some of the Donald Trump masks in the U.S. selling for $9.50 are actually made in China. The masks with the likeness of Trump – who would become the next U.S. president in four days – as the top products of Molezu, a factory in ...

China’s campaign against climate change results in stricter rules in emission, and this equates in manufacturing more electric-driven automobiles due to increasing demand.

China's Stricter Emission Rules Result in Higher Demand for Electric Cars

China's campaign against climate change results in stricter rules in emission and this equates in manufacturing more electric-driven automobiles due to increasing demand.

A logo sits illuminated outside the Motorola pavilion during the second day of the Mobile World Congress 2015

Moto Z Play Android Nougat update to be released earlier than expected; 3 important features Android N will bring to Moto Z Play

Good news for Moto Z Play users as the much awaited Android Nougat update will land their devices sooner than expected.

Samsung Galaxy S8 specs, price, release date: Promotional video foreshadows the smartphone look

Samsung Galaxy S8 specs, price, and release date has been highly searched by consumers online. Despite the secrecy imposed on Galaxy S8, some reliable leaks and reports managed to slip through, including a video presentation. ...

Progressive icon Jin Xing hosts the first episode of "Chinese Dating."

China’s Most Progressive Celebrity Is Now Hosting a Sexist Dating Show

Progressive icon Jin Xing has made headlines for being China’s first openly transgender celebrity. Jin has been celebrated for her accomplishments, but now, the Internet is divided over their opinion of the celebrity, who has recently ...

Author and filmmaker Xiaolu Guo at the 2015 London Book Fair.

Xiaolu Guo Reveals What It’s Like to Grow Up as a Young Girl in Communist China

Nowadays, most young people in China only have a fleeting idea of what it’s like during the country’s communist era. But for writer and filmmaker Xiaolu Guo, the memories of living in such a difficult time is as fresh as it was when she ...

Derrick Rose

NBA Trade Rumors: Derrick Rose 'isn't a happy camper' in New York; Should Knicks trade All-Star point guard?

Derrick Rose could be among the stars available in the trade market, with the Knicks point guard reportedly an unhappy camper in New York.

Chinese Super League News: China Top-Flight Reduces Foreign Players to Three Per Team

The Chinese Super League had reportedly reduced the number of foreign non-Chinese players who will play simultaneously on the field to only three per team, one down from the former limit. ...


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