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Chinese war journalists

Young War Correspondents Take the Front Line for Chinese Media

In an effort to extend the influence of China’s state-run media all over the world, more Chinese war journalists are covering news in grounds where conflict is ripe, The Guardian reported.

New People-to-People Exchange Mechanism to Deepen China-South Africa Relations

China-South Africa Relations

Chinese Vice Premier Liu Yandong said that the newly launched people-to-people exchange mechanism will strengthen the China-South Africa relations.

Air China Re-Opens Flights to North Korea After a Brief Suspension

After a short suspension of flights to Pyongyang, Air China has announced that it will start offering flights again to North Korea.

Former statistics Bureau Chief Wang Baoan is indicted for corruption and bribery.

Former Statistics Bureau Boss Wang Baoan Indicted for Bribery Charges

Wang Baoan was indicted for accepting bribes when he was still the head of China’s National Bureau of Statistics.

China Red Cross Doles Out Humanitarian Items Worth 1 Billion Ugandan Shillings

The Red Cross Society of China has recently doled out humanitarian items to Uganda. The donation worth 1 billion Ugandan shillings includes sleeping bags, examination beds, operating tables and desktop computers.

China's Role in the World Economy

Economists Putting Hope in China to Boost World Economic Growth Outlook

As U.S. consumption weakens, economists are putting hope in China to raise the global economic growth outlook, expecting the country to use its economic muscle to drive spending and implement monetary policies that will sustain growth.

China's Two Internet Giants

Alibaba and Tencent, Not Amazon, Likely to Become World’s Largest E-Commerce Providers: Report

With the arrival of Amazon in Australia, it is understandable for retailers, distributors, shopping center owners and logistics companies to be concerned. But when it comes to global e-commerce, they have to consider the financial power and growth potential of Alibaba Group and Tencent Holdings.

Baidu’s Self-Driving Car To Be Tested in Simple Urban Environment in July

Chinese tech giant Baidu has announced on Tuesday, April 18, plans to launch its self-driving car in a restricted environment in July, in preparation for the gradual introduction of its full autonomous driving capabilities on highways and ...

The narrow streets are filled with vendors selling breakfast snacks from small stalls.

Beijing's 'Hutong' Homes, Used To Be Grand a Century Back, Now Maze-Like, Cramped, Have Lost Appeal to Affluent Residents

Courtyard houses, or hutong, in Beijing are popular among the city poor because of the low rent compared to modern apartments. The streets run abuzz with vendors of all kinds. The historical houses and these people form a scene that is ...

People visit Zhongshuge bookshop in Hangzhou, capital of East China's Zhejiang Province, April 21, 2017.

Innovative Bookshop Attracts Children in East China's Hangzhou

In Hangzhou, East China, a bookshop named Zhongshuge is attracting attention by incorporating the idea of an amusement park. Books are held by shelves designed as roller coasters, hot air balloons and a merry-go-round, among others. It's an ...

Dubbed Mr. Perfect, Kang Kyung Ho is a South Korean mixed martial artist.

5 most handsome Asian MMA fighters 2017

Kang Kyung Ho, Yoshihiro Akiyama, Zhang Lipeng, Ev Ting and Mark Striegl are the most handsome Asian MMA fighers in 2017.

Changchun Yatai Snags Its Fist Chinese Super League Win

Changchun Yatai finally struck a victory in the Chinese Super League after streaking past Henan Jianye 1-0 on Sunday.

Obi-Wan Kenobi ‘Star Wars’ spin-off in the works? Ewan McGregor is happy to do it

The “Star Wars” franchise is revving up its spin-off titles starting with the release of the blockbuster hit “Rogue One” and the “Han Solo” movie. As fans expect more spin-off movies from a galaxy far, far away, there are rumblings about a potential film centering on Obi-Wan Kenobi. Actor Ewan McGregor said he’s up to do it.


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