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The Chinese Communist Party is successful in running the country.

German Expert: Communist Party of China Is a Success--and Mostly Underappreciated

A German government professor explains why the Communist Party is successful.

Tourism Officials Reach Out to Double Chinese Tourism in Boston

The past four years have seen the number of Chinese visitors double to an estimated 230,000 in 2016, according to the Greater Boston Convention and Visitors Bureau.

China overthrew the United Kingdom last year as the number one source of overseas tourists Boston welcomed last year, according to Boston Globe. As a result, Boston’s visitors bureau will fly to China in March for their first ever sales mission in the country.

China Lunar Exploration Program Aims to Unlock Space’s Potential

Although several efforts have been made to explore the outer space, only a few dare to dream of future commercial development in such landscapes. China is one of those special few, with their China Lunar Exploration Project (CLEP), according to an article by Asia Times.

Pandas are no longer endangered.

Giant Pandas Around the World Kept Safe in China; Pandas No Longer Endangered

Panda cubs, like Bao Bao, are sent back China to be with other pandas and start breeding when she turns 5.

Buprenorphine vs. Naltrexone Stocks: Who’s Winning the Fight Against Opioid Abuse?

The extent of the opioid epidemic in the U.S. is so pervasive that the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) National Survey on Drug Use and Health estimated that around 23.5 million Americans, aged 12 or ...

Yuan's Value

China’s $3.8 Trillion Loss: Economist Debunks Misconceptions, Presents Possible Reasons for Capital Flight

In the last 10 years, China lost a total of $3.8 trillion to capital flight and to curb the outflows, a complex system of capital controls was developed by Chinese authorities.

An image of the alleged LG G6 that is currently making rounds online.

LG G6 Confirmed for March 10 Release Date: 8 Things to Love About

The LG G6, as rumored, was outed via the MWC 2017 and the device proved a huge leap from the disappointing LG G5. Release date will commence March 10, reports said, and so far Android fans have eight things to love about the new flagship toy.

OnePlus 5 Rumors: Release Date, Features, Design and Specs Update for Next Flagship Killer

From the OnePlus 3T, the next flagship killer to watch for is the OnePlus 5, which according to new reports will be a huge jump from its predecessors. The premium specifications and feature upgrades will still impress but the pricing will ...

Good news for diabetics: Fasting diet can reverse diabetes

Good news for diabetics: Fasting diet can reverse diabetes

If reports are anything to go by, fasting diet can reverse diabetes.

A shadow of man is displayed while he meditates.

Wim Hof Method: The power of the mind and arthritis pain

Arthritis pain aches deep into the joint, and would sometimes feel better when an individual rests. However, the scientist believes that apart from rest and medication, Wim Hof Method could also be applied to relieve the pain.

NBA player Derrick Rose (R) and a guest attend the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Sports Awards 2016 at UCLA's Pauley Pavilion.

New York Knicks asked more than a one-for-one swap between Derrick Rose and Ricky Rubio

A potential trade between the New York Knicks and the Minnesota Timberwolves fell out with the former allegedly asking for extras. The deal was originally for a straight up swap between Derrick Rose and Ricky Rubio.

Cleveland Cavaliers almost certain of taking in free agents Deron Williams, Andrew Bogut

Former Dallas Mavericks teammates Deron Williams and Andrew Bogut could end up on the same team if the Cleveland Cavaliers pick them up from the free agent market. Both could fill in the personnel void of the Cavs, ramping up their chances ...


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