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Why people use fake ID during travelling?

Why people use fake ID during travelling?

Isabel Dos Santos
Isabel Dos Santos is Driving Change in Angola; Her Message is Resonating Far & Wide - 'Education will Empower Our Youth and Brighten their Futures'

Isabel Dos Santos is Driving Change in Angola; Her Message is Resonating Far & Wide - 'Education will Empower Our Youth and Brighten their Futures'

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Shedding light on street Art and festivals related to it

Shedding light on street Art and festivals related to it

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Millions of Chinese cram onto trains to make the annual pilgrimage home for the Lunar New Year holiday
How bullet trains are transforming China’s Lunar New Year travel rush

Increasing numbers taking high-speed trains to travel across the country to return home for the holiday period

Lifestyle Aimed at Success
How to Create a Lifestyle Aimed at Success

Most people think that the lifestyle they dream about will come when they are more successful and have more money. And while this is true in some regards—you can’t take off on that first-class Caribbean cruise without the income to make it possible—there are many ways in which you can actually mold your life to help you become more successful. Making certain changes in your life will make you more likely to succeed in your professional endeavors. Here are just a few changes you can make to have a lifestyle that is aimed at future success.

What Type of Snacker Are You
What Type of Snacker Are You?

Snacking has no hard and fast rule that dictates what people should snack. Different personality types driven by their own lifestyles all display a particular snacking habit.

Drew Arellano and Iya Villania pose with Conan Altatis at the
Iya Villania has message to moms with postpartum depression, hosts ‘Home Foodie’ Season 3 with Drew Arellano

Iya Villania, 30, is returning as host of “Home Foodie.” During the blog conference for the third season of the cooking show, I got to talk to her about a topic that is not commonly discussed, postpartum depression.

With its expansion to a
Palace Museum Treasures Up for Sale

More than being impressed with the history and craftsmanship of Palace Museum treasures, guests can now take a piece of Chinese history home, according to a report by Today Online.

A staff member paints the Graffiti Wall during TNT Animal Kingdom at SXSW 2017 on March 11, 2017 in Austin, Texas.
Global Street Art Festival Comes to Aberdeen

Around the world we celebrate different kinds of festivals, wherein some are common and are also being celebrated in other countries while others have their own distinct festival they are celebrating.

Pupils Perform Peking Opera in Beijing
Jin Opera Group: Staunch Guardians of Chinese Culture and Art

Chinese opera performers from the Jin Opera troupe dreamt of a financially stable life when they joined the group. Government policies, however, put a stopper on that dream. Still, these dedicated performers give their all to promote and defend traditional culture, according to an article by AFP.

One Belt, One Road trade route
China-Ukrainian Cultural Exchange Week Opens

The Sino-Ukrainian cultural exchange week dubbed “One Belt, One Road” opened in Kiev last Monday, April 24, according to an article by Xinhua.

Mexico City locals will be able to get acquainted with Chinese culture and history through the newly opened Chinese Library.
Mexico’s First Chinese Library to Promote Cultural Exchange

To help promote cultural exchange in the country, Mexico opened its first China-themed library on Monday, April 24, Xinhua reported.

The narrow streets are filled with vendors selling breakfast snacks from small stalls.
Beijing's 'Hutong' Homes, Used To Be Grand a Century Back, Now Maze-Like, Cramped, Have Lost Appeal to Affluent Residents

Courtyard houses, or hutong, in Beijing are popular among the city poor because of the low rent compared to modern apartments. The streets run abuzz with vendors of all kinds. The historical houses and these people form a scene that is bound to remain in the future because the city government pushes for the preservation of these traditional Chinese houses.

People visit Zhongshuge bookshop in Hangzhou, capital of East China's Zhejiang Province, April 21, 2017.
Innovative Bookshop Attracts Children in East China's Hangzhou

In Hangzhou, East China, a bookshop named Zhongshuge is attracting attention by incorporating the idea of an amusement park. Books are held by shelves designed as roller coasters, hot air balloons and a merry-go-round, among others. It's an instant hit among children and their parents.

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