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German dictator Adolf Hitler addresses a rally in Germany in 1933.
‘Hunting Hitler’ Season 3 air date: Season 3 may still happen; Adolf Hitler may have lived in Chile after the war?

It was just recently when the documentary drama series “Hunting Hitler” ended its second installment. Although the third season is still not yet confirmed, rumors are loud that there is enough material to produce “Hunting Hitler” Season 3.

The Midas touch: Albert Charkin working on a bust of Grand Duke Alexander Mikhailovich of Russia in 2012. The bust can be seen at St. Petersburg River Yacht Club.
Albert Charkin: Sculpting Sino-Russian Relations, Creating 'Art Bridge'

With the recent passing of renowned Russian artist Albert Charkin, he left behind a legacy that reached China. For many years, Charkin contributed to the fortification of Sino-Russian cultural relations.

A worker performs a CD4 HIV test at a lab of Shanghai Xuhui District Central Hospital on Dec. 6, 2006, in Shanghai, China.
HIV, AIDS cure and prevention: HIV-neutralizing antibody discovered; Nanotechnology to complement

HIV and AIDS cure has been highly researched in the past decades. Despite the lack of definitive and conclusive output, experts are now gradually unlocking potential cures and preventions, including a successful human trial of HIV-neutralizing antibody.

A woman with her scarf wrapped around her nose and mouth, feeling cold
Because being cold is the secret to weight loss, according to science

Looking for faster and effective ways to lose weight? The secret could just be as simple as turning down your heater.

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Actor Mark Wahlberg and his brother Paul are expanding Wahlburgers to China.
Hollywood Actor Mark Wahlberg Opens Family Burger Franchise in China

Mark Wahlberg and his brother Paul Wahlberg will be bringing their family burger franchise, Wahlburgers, to China. Branches are set to open in Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Wuhan. The expansion will be done through a joint venture with Cachet Hospitality Group (C.H.G.).

Chinese leftover women are pressured to marry by their families.
Chinese Women Rent a Boyfriend to Please Parents During Lunar New Year

As the number of "leftover women" in China increases, so does the price of renting a boyfriend to take home during the Spring Festival. Rent-a-boyfriend now costs $219 a day as the Lunar New Year draws closer.

A city located in south-western China does not allow wedding banquets for people marrying for the second time, according to the rules issued in Kaili, Guizhou Province.
No Wedding Banquets for Second-Time Marriage in China

If you intend to marry for the second time, don't do it in China.

Believe it or not, most Victoria Secret products are made in China.
5 Countries That Use China-Made Products

Are any good products or services still made in China? Of course, there are! In fact, five countries--United States, United Kingdom, Ecuador, Brazil and Japan--have gone beyond their borders to use products and services that are made in China.

New York is ready to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year with an array of cultural events.
New York to Celebrate Chinese New Year with Cultural Events

On Jan. 26 and 27, New Yorkers and tourists will be in for a treat. The crown of the Empire State Building in Manhattan will be lit up in hues of red and gold to welcome the Chinese Lunar New Year, which starts on Jan. 28.

MAC Cosmetics offers a large selection of professional quality makeup must-haves.
9 DIY makeup organizer ideas for less than $25

When there is makeup, it is inevitable to have clutter in the bedroom or inside the bag. This is where makeup organizers come in handy but the ones sold commercially can be expensive.

Everyone has a little child inside them and big babies should not be completely ignored.
Book for ‘Big Babies’ Sparks Online Debate in China

We all want a man who loves and adores his mother, but if he has to check with his mother every single time, especially when it comes to all the major decisions in his life, this will raise an impression that he is a “mama’s boy” and it can become a problem later on.

Chinese women are gradually shedding their traditional roles in favor of more modern sensibilities.
Women Taking Larger Roles in Wealth Management

A 2016 women's wealth management report by Ali Research has stated that the "She-Economy" has become an important part of the Chinese economy, especially in the Internet era, according to an article by Women of China.

Good news for diabetics: Fasting diet can reverse diabetes
Study: Diabetes Cuts Life Span by At Least 9 Years

Middle-aged people who have diabetes take at least nine years off their life expectancy, a new study has found.

Granny looks out of the window patiently waiting for her husband and daughter to come home.
Wanted: Granddaughter for Hire

A 65-year-old grandmother from Zhejiang Province is looking for a young girl who is willing to accompany her on an all-expense-paid trip to Hainan Province.

Over 10 meters of water was all it took to allow the ancient statue to resurface.
Ancient 600-Year-Old Buddha Statue Resurfaces in China

During a routine renovation work, a local villager spotted a familiar figure emerging from a reservoir in east China’s Jiangxi Province. Over 10 meters of water was all it took to allow the ancient statue to resurface.

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