• Many Chinese are staying away from fast food and exploring global cuisine instead.

Many Chinese are staying away from fast food and exploring global cuisine instead. (Photo : Getty Images)

There are more dishes available in Beijing because of the massive spurt of global restaurants in the biggest international hub in  China.

Aside from Turay's Africa House, which focuses on sub-Saharan food, and Pili Pili, which is known for barbecued crocodile, the new hotspot, especially for Nigerians, is Andy's Restaurant and Bar in Chaoyang District.

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Andy's was founded by Andy Ogoh (DJ Andy) and his Chinese wife, Amy Ma. The couple wants to serve simple African dishes in their restaurant and the most famous of them is "Jollof" rice with meat, tomato, pepper and onion.

Andy and his wife started the business because of the increasing number of Nigerians in Beijing. He said, "I thought it would be a good business. There are a lot of Nigerians in Beijing and Africans from other countries as well. I'd say in the number of more than 10,000."

His customers are mainly Westerners who are already familiar with African food. However, Andy wants to reach out to more Chinese customers.

"Many Westerners are already familiar with African restaurants from where they come from," he said.

For Greek cuisine, many Beijing foodies go to Argo, which is found in Dongcheng District. The restaurant is owned and ran by Vangelis Giannakaros, a Greek expat who has been in the area since 2009.

"Everybody knows pizza or sushi, but they have little knowledge about other dishes like moussaka," he said.

"But I am not afraid of this because the Chinese are leaning toward more healthy and safe food nowadays," the Greek restaurateur added.

Giannakaros observed that since the Chinese are quick to adopt new food, many are turning away from fast food.

He said, "Fast food used to be very popular, but it is now taking a setback."

"It might be a good opportunity for cuisines that are known to be healthy like Greek cooking, which makes wide use of vegetables, fish, beans, lime and olive oil," Giannakaros added.