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Nestle SA Maggi seasoning is displayed on a shelf in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, China.
1 Billion Yuan Fake Branded Seasoning Manufactured at Duliu Township

According to a report, Manufacturers at a township in North China's Tianjin Municipality were allegedly found to be counterfeiting more than 1-billion-yuan worth of food seasoning from famous brands like Nestle and Totole.

Dalian coherent light linear accelerator.
World's Brightest VUV Free Electron Laser Research Facility Developed by China

No dedicated high gain VUV FEL light source facility for basic research has been developed in the world thus far, however.

Landspace Technology office.
Suspicious Chinese Startup Fancies Itself as China’s SpaceX

Zhang said his company could not have won recognition from this overseas client.

U.S. Navy carrier group.
US Navy’s New Sea Control Strategy a Manifestation of its Cold War Mentality and Hegemonism

Admiral Rowden contends the U.S. Navy will have to regain control of the sea.

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A citizen reacts in the heavy smog on Jan. 9, 2017, in Zhengzhou, Henan Province of China.
China's Suspension of Coal Power Plant Construction Not Due to Public Health, Environmental Concerns

China, through its National Energy Administration, announced that its 85 planned coal power plants are being deferred as they do not fit in China's five-year plan.

China and Pakistan team up to build the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).
China Turns Over Warships to Pakistan

As part of the legitimate military trade between China and Pakistan, two warships have been donated to the Pakistan Navy. The maritime vessels will be used for joint security along the sea route of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

Luosifen is a dish of rice noodles boiled with pickled bamboo shoots, dried turnip, peanuts and fresh vegetables in spiced river snail soup.
China Exports Liuzhou's Snail Noodles to the US

Luosifen, traditional rice noodles cooked with river snails, has become popular from being a street food sold at night markets in Liuzhou, Guangxi Region, to an export commodity entering the global market.

Chinese fishermen will face stricter regulations as marine resources are depleting.
China’s Marine Resources Under Threat; Depletion of Fish Remains a Challenge

A study recently published by Stanford University revealed that there are opportunities that the Chinese government can use to control the loss of marine resources in the country's seas.

China issues another threat at Trump and is ready to
China Warns to 'Take Gloves Off' If Trump Breaks Away from One China

China, through its state media, warned that the country will "take the gloves off" if President Donald Trump insists on breaking its support from the One China policy.

President Xi Jinping will speak in Davos for the first time.
China Poses as Stronger, More Confident Global Leader in Davos

The Chinese president is set to speak for the first time at the Davos World Economic Forum.

Chinese women and children are traveling outbound more frequently.
More Chinese Women Are Traveling; Outbound Travel Steadily Going Up

Tuniu, a leading travel booking website in China, reported that there are more women who are engaged in travel than men.

The insulting Gandhi flip flops sold on Amazon.
Indians Livid with Anger as Amazon Sells Flip Flops with Gandhi’s Face on Them

Only last week, Amazon was pilloried for selling doormats bearing images of the Indian flag.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.
Abe Continues China Isolation Strategy; Pledges New Patrol Boats to Vietnam

"We will strongly support Vietnam's enhancing its maritime law enforcement capability," said Abe.

The new Chinese spy ship, CNS Kaiyangxing (856),
China Adds one More Spy Ship to its Growing Spy Ship Fleet

Kaiyangxing is only one of five ships in the Type 815A-class.

Chinese Factory Produces Donald Trump Masks
Trump Face Mask is Top Product of Shenzhen Factory

Some of the Donald Trump masks in the U.S. selling for $9.50 are actually made in China. The masks with the likeness of Trump – who would become the next U.S. president in four days – as the top products of Molezu, a factory in Shenzhen.

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