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A worker assembles a skeleton fossil of a Tyrannosaurus Rex
Chinese Police Arrest 4 Suspects in Dinosaur Egg Theft

Four suspects have been arrested by Chinese law enforcement authorities over the theft of 80 fossilized dinosaur eggs, Chinese state media reported on Monday.

North Korean soldiers praise the successful nuclear arms testing.
North Korea’s Nuclear Threat Still Escalating; China Loses Cool on US

The nuclear threat from North Korea shows no signs of slowing down after Rex Tillerson rejects a call to back off.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meets with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang.
Prime Minister Meets with Chinese Tech Bosses Amid Political Turmoil in Israel

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with top officials of Wanda, Alibaba, Lenovo and Wahaha to discuss future investments.

China welcomes Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu
China-Israel Ties Reinforced by Israel Prime Minister’s Visit

Israel Prime Minister visited Beijing to promote bilateral economic cooperation and to strengthen China-Israel ties.

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Aside from earning a reputation as a culturally diverse city, Yiwu is also known as the source of a variety of products.
Investment, Tourism Opportunities in India Highlighted in Xiamen Meeting

Investment and tourism opportunities in India and China were presented in a meeting of Chinese businesses and government officials at Xiamen City, the Times of India reported.

Tu Youyou
Traditional Chinese Medicine Experts Team Up Against Drug Resistance

China has assembled a team of experts in Traditional Chinese Medicine to battle against the growing threat of drug resistance.

China's Central Bank
China’s Central Bank Maneuvers Policy to Boost Support for Yuan

China’s central bank has long been hesitant to be influenced by global counterparts, but now it seems to be in agreement with the U.S., in order to create support for yuan.

North Korea Rocket Engine
North Korea Rocket Engine Test Is of 'Historic Significance,' Says Kim

Kim Jong-un led a North Korea rocket engine test “of historic significance” as U.S. Secretary of State visits China.

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang is scheduled to visit Australia this week.
China-Australia Ties to Be Reaffirmed with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang's Visit

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang is visiting Australia this week. The trip hopes to reaffirm the China-Australia ties, despite the two countries finding ways on how to work with U.S., currently led by Donald Trump.

A drone towing a cable flies over the Dadu River in China
Anti-Drone Gun to Be Used by Chinese Police

Policemen in China can now shoot down illegal drones out of the sky with their new high-tech gun.

China's 430-Meter-Long Glass Bottom Bridge Opens Again to Tourists
The Chinese Can't Get Enough of Glass Bridges; Builds One on Top of Mount Langya

China has a new walkway and observation deck with a narrow glass bridge 450 meters above a rocky gorge on Mount Langya.

Tourism Secretary Wanda Corazon T. Teo
Strategies Secured to Strengthen China-Philippines Tourism Cooperation

Government officials from the two countries have secured strategies to strengthen China-Philippines tourism cooperation.

China's Lobster Market
China’s Lobster Market Breaks Record for US Lobster Imports

China’s lobster market continues to expand, with the country breaking the record for U.S. lobster imports.

Due to lax government control on food, thousands of babies were hospitalized because of the distribution of tainted milk.
China’s Trading Partners Fear Raised Tariffs on Food Imports

Food import controls will be imposed and China’s trading partners want the United Nations to intervene.

Tillerson meets Xi
Stronger China-US Ties Bloom with Tillerson’s China Visit

Tillerson’s China visit was successful in strengthening China-U.S. ties, with both countries agreeing to join forces on North Korea.

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