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Emmanuel Macron, New French President
Result of French Presidential Election Bodes Well for China

Emmanuel Macron’s victory in the recently concluded French presidential election has put a stopper to the rising sentiment of right-wing nationalism in Europe. This turnout especially bodes well for China and Sino-French ties in general, China Daily reported.

Labeled as the Internet Plus policy, the new service delivery will cover various aspects of government work.
Civic Services Make Bold Step into the Future, Go Virtual, Cashless

Across China’s fast-developing cities and regions, hundreds of social and civic services provided by the government are now offered virtually and eliminating the need for paying in cash, according to a report by China Daily.

Shanghai's Economy
Shanghai's Economic Development Needs Reform and Innovation

Shanghai’s top official said that the city’s economic development would suffer without reform and innovation.

Zhang Dejiang on Macau Gaming Hub
Top China Official: Macau Gaming Hub Needs Economic Diversification

Upon his arrival on Monday, China’s third highest official Zhang Dejiang stressed the need to diversify the economy of Macau gaming hub.

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Jared Kushner
Eyebrows Raise as Jared Kushner's Family Business Seeks Investments in China

Critics say that Jared Kushner’s family business attracts Chinese investors through a government that grants residency in the U.S. in exchange for investments.

China's Internet Control
China Intensifies Controls on Search Engines and Online News Portals

The Chinese government is increasing its controls over search engines and online news portals as part of President Xi’s drive to keep the Communist Party’s control over content.

Xiao Jie, China's Minister of Finance, attends a press conference at Media Center on March 7, 2017 in Beijing, China.
Chinese Finance Minister Skips Trilateral Meeting with Japan, South Korea Due to Emergency Concerns

China's Finance Minister Xiao Jie has canceled a meeting with his Japanese and South Korean counterparts and returned to China citing domestic concerns, Japan's Finance Minister Taro Aso said on Friday.

Taiwan Tech Companies' Revenues Decreased
Taiwan Wants to Maintain Friendly Ties with China

Even though Taiwan is slowly pivoting toward Southeast Asia and the United States, it is still keen to maintain friendly relations with China, its neighbor, Bloomberg reported.

Face-to-face: Tourists gather near the bust of a young Mao Zedong and his wind-blown hair in Orange Isle in Changsha, Hunan Province. The isle loses its 5A tourist attraction rating this month.
In Changsha, Symbol for Christianity Coexists with Mao Landmarks

In a city where traces of Mao Zedong are everywhere, a new landmark symbolizing Christianity in China is being built, dominating the city’s skyline, an article by the New York Times reported.

Part of the efforts is to move some people from one-story hutong houses in the districts of Xicheng and Dongcheng as a means to avoid further damage to architecture.
With More Beijing Hutongs Demolished, Migrant Workers Feel Targeted

In its bid to clean its streets of unsafe and unstable buildings, Beijing is demolishing ancient hutong houses. The migrant workers that live in them feel more targeted by the local government, Channel News Asia reported.

A U.S. scientist has received recognition from China for his contribution in the country's efforts to research about global climate change.
US Climatologist and University Professor Receives China's Top Science Honor for Foreigners

China has handed out the International Science and Technological Cooperation award to U.S. climatologist and university professor John Kutzbach. The said recognition is the top science honor the country gives to foreigners.

Ancom and ManagePay are teaming up to promote Malaysian tourism to Chinese travelers.
Malaysian Tourism Expects 3 Million Chinese Tourists in 2017

Malaysia projects three million Chinese tourist arrivals for this year as the number of inbound tourists has increased for the first three months of 2017.

One of China's problems is road congestion and loosely implemented traffic regulations.
Polluting Vehicles Removed to Address Beijing’s Congestion and Smog Problem

In the first four months of 2017, Beijing has taken out 180,000 old, polluting vehicles from its streets to cut the city’s problems on traffic congestion and smog.

Hair Dragging Incident
Huachen Foreign Language School Suspends Teacher Caught on Video Dragging Hair of Student

The video of a female teacher dragging a young girl by the hair has become viral in China. The incident happened on Tuesday at the Huachen Foreign Language School in Dongguan, Guangdong Province.

Carrie Lam wins the Hong Kong elections.
China Tells Foreign Groups Not to Interfere with HK Affairs

China is warning foreign institutions who are planning to meddle in Hong Kong affairs in any way, a spokesperson from Hong Kong’s Office of the Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on Thursday, May 4.

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