MWC 2017 Brings Back Nokia 3310 Packed with Long Battery Life, Color Display and Snake at $52

| Feb 26, 2017 08:08 PM EST

MWC 2017 Brings Back Nokia 3310 Packed with Long Battery Life, Color Display and Snake at $52

The rumors proved correct - the Nokia 3310 is back with touches of 2017 phone standards. The device introduced by HMD Global via the MWC 2017 in Barcelona, Spain boasts of a 2.4-inch color display, a slimmer build compared to the 2000 version and a battery that could last for a month.

HMD said that the 2017 Nokia 3310 will sell for €49 or roughly $52 and there will be four color options to choose from - red, blue, yellow and grey. From the monochrome display of the original version, the sequel is now with a QVGA resolution that obviously will not elicit jaw-dropping reactions. But to be sure, the toned-down display specifications serve the solid assurance that the 3310 will operate longer than the Apple iPhone or any other Android flagships.

Reuters reported that talk-time on the resurrected 3310 will last up to 22 hours on a single charge and on stand-by, for at least a month. Such feature is likely to make the device downright attractive in key emerging markets where flagship devices are mostly regarded as luxury.

Reintroducing the Nokia 3310 is obviously a play to the brand's once dominant status that HMD Global hopefully want to gain traction with. As one analyst told Reuters: "Relying on the success of the 3310 helps it grab the attention of many people who are familiar with Nokia but think it is dead."

And getting out a device package that is easy on the pocket seems to right thing to do for HMD with the company making sure that buying the Nokia 3310 will be an easy decision to make. Why not as the phone is brimming with the handset functionalities that really matter to users - it can call, text and even shoot some pics thanks to a 2-megapixel main camera.

The design even is an eye-candy with a curved display and keypad layout that seem to accentuate the lively color options mentioned above. Also, HMD engineers included a microSD slot that allows additional 32GB of extra memory to the on-board 16MB, WCCFTech reported.

To complete the nostalgia treat, the return of the Nokia 3310 also marked the re-entry of the classic Snake game that HMD also tweaked to give it a current feel.

Now the big question is: Will the new Nokia 3310 beat the original? It will be a tall order, according to Reuters, noting that the 2000 version is acknowledged as the 12th bestselling phone of all time with 126 million units cleared.

The Nokia 3310 release date is set between March and April 2017 with select European countries as initial destinations.

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