We all want to increase the rankings of our websites in search engine. The only problem? We don't know the exact formula to rank a website higher. What we know is that search engines mostly rely on backlinks to rank a website. The better backlinks it creates the higher the rankings of the website are going to be.

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But getting backlinks from other blogs is not an easy task, especially when people don't trust guest authors.

The point is that these guest posts have become a business. People are charging from $50 to $500 just to get a backlink on another website.

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In fact, Google has also said that backlinks don't matter anymore. It also recommends users not to create guest posts just for backlinks because that can decrease the rankings of your website in search engines.


Instead, the guest posts written should be engaging and attractive. They need to be shared organically without the owner of the website sharing the posts themselves.

We decided to create a list of the best guest posting services that can help you get enticing and attractive posts that can be published anywhere on the web. Whether you are aiming for technical articles, how-to's, or simply product services, these guest posting services can do the job.


1. iGuest Blog

First in our list is a website guest posting blogging website. This is a digital marketing agency and offers some of the best guest posts for business and technology. The only problem with iGuest blog is that their prices are off the chart. For a regular guest post on a DA10+ website, they are charging $100. Other websites are doing that for $50 to $80.

Also, unlike other guest posting services that provide discount, the iGuest Blog doesn't have any similar option available.

However, it promises results and that's all that matters.


2. Globex Outreach

Next, in our list is our very own Globex Outreach. One of the finest guest posting and viral outreach services, Globex came to the limelight when affiliate bloggers started acquiring its services to increase their rankings.

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The service has successfully posted backlinks on some of the most high DA websites including Forbes, Entrepreneur, Social Media Today, and many more.

Whether you are looking for a country level TLD, or a global TLD, Globex is the guest posting outreach service you should use.

You can also use Globex outreach to get premium links from high DA websites as well. If you already have a guest post written, simply ask Globex to post the article on a relevant high DA website and they will do it for you.

3. Fiverr

Fiverr isn't a guest posting service but you can still find some really good guest posting gigs here. The 'gigs' is what Fiverr calls a job. So, search for guest posting gigs on Fiverr and then find one that has higher ratings and gets the job done. Your guest post will be ready in under three days.

But the story doesn't just ends here. You will have to now hire a guest post publishing service to get that guest post published.

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Here are a few examples of guest posting publishing services that you can use to get the job done. Remember that most of these are highly priced, so make sure to negotiate a decent offer.

4. Matt Diggity Guest Posts (Authority Builders)

Next in our list is the PBN king, Matt Diggity. Matt is known for launching numerous business and then scaling them from zero to $100,000 per year in revenue. He is a little expensive but he gets the job done in the best way possible. Matt has numerous high DA PBNs available. For those who have no idea about what PBNs are, they are a way to rank your website higher in search engines just like guest posts do. But they are all linked to a single network.

Now, if you are not familiar with Google crackdown on PBNs, you should at least know that Google doesn't really like PBNs just as it doesn't like guest posting services.

Now, your question will be, why use PBNs from Matt Diggity if they aren't worth it? Answer: Matt Diggity PBNs are mostly high DA websites and Google does accept links from them because they are all quality websites and not simply spamming the internet with more irrelevant backlinks.

5. Stellar SEO

Stellar SEO is a blogging outreach company that is known for helping digital startups get more prominence on the web with simple techniques. The company has been in business from last 8 years and voted one of the best blogging outreach companies online.

You can purchase a link for $167 for a domain with DA 20+. If you want to go even higher, the charges will double. Nonetheless, Stellar SEO is known for high profile backlinks that can shoot your business in the sky.

Next Step

Now that you know about the best guest blogging outreach services, it is time to try one of these to get backlinks for your website.