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After a long battle with breast cancer, famous Chinese pop star Yao Beina died in Shenzhen on Jan. 17, Saturday. She was 33 years old.

Early on Saturday, Bo Ning, the singer's manager, confirmed the news of the star's passing. Bo also said that Yao was already in critical condition due to the intensification of her cancer. 

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Label manager Yuan Tao said Friday that Yao was admitted in a local Shenzen hospital last Thursday. Yuan also denied allegations spreading on the Internet that Yao was already dead since last Wednesday. However, he admitted that Yao was in a very critical condition and comatose due to a lot of sedatives necessary for her treatment.

Yao awoke on Jan. 9 barely conscious and her remaining strength was just enough for her to sign a contract to donate her cornea upon her death. 

Reports state that Yao's cancer has already taken hold of her brain and most of her lungs was already ravished by the killer cells. Her doctors tried everything to save her, but in the end, Yao succumbed to death. 

Yao's sickness spread like a virus to Chinese netizens and an outpouring of boundless support and prayers for the singer were posted online.

Yao was a native of Wuhan. She was born on Sept. 26, 1981. Her colorful singing career was glittered with awards and recognitions. In 2008, she won Best Pop Song Performance at China Central Television's Young Singer TV Grand Prix.

Yao also sung a number of hit songs for Chinese movies and TV shows, including the popular drama "The Legend of Zhenhuan," Feng Xiaogang's "Back to 1942" and the Chinese version of the popular Walt Disney's movie "Frozen."

Her celebrity status was further raised when she joined the popular mainstream show "The Voice of China" two years ago. 

Yao was diagnosed with breast cancer last April 2011 and it was a difficult struggle for the young singer since then.

Optimistic up to the last moment, Yao wrote in her last blog post: "I have been staying in bed for a month. I feel so oppressed, and I want to sing. Hope I can get well soon and smile a big smile. Don't worry fans, I can get well, and I will be fine."