• "XCOM 2" commander Bradford looks at the Holo-Globe to look for alien attacks happening right now.

"XCOM 2" commander Bradford looks at the Holo-Globe to look for alien attacks happening right now. (Photo : YouTube/XCOM)

Firaxis' "XCOM 2" finally gets controller support on PC. The game also gets the full camera control mode with the recent update.

According to the official website of the video game, update 7.0 introduces the controller support on its PC version after a long time. This was one of the many features that fans have requested since the game's launching.

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With the latest patch, the video game will now feature the plug and play compatibility with both the Xbox One and the Xbox 360 controllers. Other controller options will need more adjustments from the users to make it more comfortable to use.

The game developers report that they have been hard at work in customizing the interface specifically for the controllers. They want it to provide a good level of comfort, accessibility, and convenience for players who love their video game. They can view the controller map of the Tactical and the Avenger to get familiar with the button placements.

The latest patch came with fixes for different issues in the game like the issue on full conversion mods from being possible on the Steam Workshop. Another issue fixed was the Alien Hunters Ruler Reaction notification issue, which will stay on screen after a unit fires at the Archon King. It also fixed minor bus in the game.

In other "XCOM 2" related news, players can now view the Avenger not in bird's eye view, but on a full close up on the PC. According to another post on the official website of the video game, they can take a tour of the Avenger, explore the different environments the team will land in, make screenshots of replay videos to capture their coolest moments, and many more.

Players will only need two things, which are the video game on Steam, and the gaming controller. They will also need to choose between two methods that will enable the developer commands, which are the Quick Method, and Installing the Mod Tools.

The quick method only needs players to go to the Steam library, right click on "XCOM 2," and select properties. Go to Set Launch Options, and type -allowconsole and then hit Okay. They can now access the tour mode without any problems.

The second method involves downloading the "XCOM 2" SDK, which players need to go to the Library, and go to Tools. It will be listed as one of the development tools for the video game, and select install from the right click menu option. Play the game on the SDK in Steam, which lets players go to the debug version of the game and allows them to gain access of dev commands.

Check out the Official "XCOM 2" Tour the Avenger video below"