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Recently, several netizens posted on Sina Weibo, Chinese version of Twitter that they came across Wu Chun, a Brunei-born Taiwanese megastar, with his daughter on the beach of Sanya, Hainan Province. These netizens took some pictures of Wu Chun and his sweet daughter. In these photos, Wu Chun was playing on the sands with his daughter, full of paternal love. The little girl looks quite pretty and cute, with a beautiful pair of round eyes and pointed chin. Definitely, the girl inherits her daddy's excellent genes. The girl turned to Wu Chun for comfort at times. Both of them played happily on the sands of Sanya's beach.

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These pictures go viral among Chinese Internet as soon as they were exposed. Some netizens say Wu Chun is full of paternal love for his daughter. Some netizens ask Wu Chun to take part in "Where are we going, Dad" with his pretty daughter. "Where are we going, Dad" is a Chinese reality TV show broadcast on Hunan Television, featuring five celebrity fathers and their child as they travel to rural places. "Where are we going, Dad" has achieved a massive ratings hit in China so far. Therefore, Wu Chun's fans are looking forward to seeing Wu Chun to participate in the hot TV show.

Previously, on October 2013, Wu Chun announced he has a wife and a 3-year-old daughter and he also discloses that his wife is pregnant and will soon give birth to another child.