• Jackie Chan is seen waving his hand to his fans.

Jackie Chan is seen waving his hand to his fans. (Photo : Reuters)

China Philanthropist magazine released on Friday its list of Chinese celebrities who engage in charity work. The list includes movie stars, sportsmen, writers, artists and TV personalities.

Number 2 on the list is action star Jackie Chan who got an 81 percent rating, just 2 percent lower than the number 1, Huang Xiaoming and Angelbaby, a couple. The magazine commended the celebrities for doing more than just donating money but also go beyond financial help.

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According to China Daily, the basis of the magazine in ranking the celebrities are donation (10 percent), fund raising (15 percent), charity activities (40 percent) and charity influence (35 percent).

The eight other celebrities who comprise the top 10 list are: FanBingbing (80 percent), Cui Yongyuan (79 percent), Zhao Wei (78 percent), Yang Lan (78 percent), Han Hong (77 percent), Yao Ming (75 percent) Wang Han (72 percent), Yuan Li (71 percent) and Jiang Yiyan tied with Yuan 71 (71 percent).

Huang Xiaoming, also an actor, topped the list for cash donation of more than 10 million yuan ($1.52 million), part of which went to rescue work after the Tianjin Tianggu chemical blast in August. The actor also shouldered the living expenses of 527 children which was his wedding gift to wife Angelababy in October. But even before the wedding, Huang has also donated to 30 schools across China.

Meanwhile, Jackie Chan also donated 3 million yuan for the victims of the Tianjin chemical explosion. His fans raised another 1 million yuan as birthday gift to the action star who also donated the entire amount to charity.

Tianjin Mayor Huang Xinguo said at a local People’s Congress meeting on Jan. 214 that the report on the Tianjin explosion, which killed 173 people and injured another 798, would soon be published. Because of lack of awareness of possible risks, six supervisory bodies, including the Safety Production Committee, were penalized.