• Samsung Galaxy Note 5 users will have their second update of Android 6.0.1 this week.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 users will have their second update of Android 6.0.1 this week. (Photo : Facebook/Samsung Mobile)

The Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge represent Samsung's road to perfection, according to the positive reviews that the devices have attracted so far. But the first 2016 flagships from Samsung not only polished and refined what were served with the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge last year, they also pointed to the feature upgrades that the phablet Galaxy Note 6 will unpack on release date later this 2016. 

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What follows are the minimum Note 6 expectations as deduced from the Galaxy S7/S7 Edge package:

Compact phablet build

The Galaxy S7 Edge was unboxed with a 5.5-inch screen profile, slightly larger from the regular S7, and yet reviewers have marveled on the engineering applied on the device. It is large but not hefty to the feel when compared to its chief rival - Apple's iPhone 6S Plus.

In the S7 Edge, Samsung proved that large-screen phones do not necessarily mean problematic handling and Android fans are expecting that the same treatment will be seen with the larger Galaxy Note 6, which likely will mirror the Galaxy Note 5's 5.7-inch screen profile but not its super-screaming build.


Beautiful and solid are the readily noticeable build features of the latest Samsung flagships but one new feature, a comeback feature in fact, is wining the hearts of many - water resistance. It added durability to the already robust casing of aluminum and glass.

With the S7 and S7 Edge waterproofed, would-be buyers of the Note 6 are almost assured that the same protective feature will find its way to the next Samsung phablet flagship.

Enhanced camera system

In terms of megapixel count, it would appear that the GS7 is downgrade from its 2015 brother but the adjustment from a 16MP to 12MP main shooter was accompanied by careful fine-tuning of both the hardware and software sides of the Galaxy S7 camera system. The result is a more consistent performance that can beat the competition, chiefly the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.

Such camera prowess, no doubt, will not only extend to the Galaxy Note 6 later this year but will also see a few more of shooting enhancements.

Huge battery bump

The S7 and S7 Edge were deployed bearing 3000mAh and 3600mAh battery packs, respectively. Thanks to the upgrade and the further optimized power management that came with Android Marshmallow both devices stay alive and kicking for the better part of the day, according to reviewers.

Most likely, the Note 6 will borrow the 3600mAh battery of the S7 Edge including the superfast recharging and wireless charging, and make Sammy phablet fans proud and happy.

Expandable memory

Without the microSD slot, which permits memory expansion, the S6 was a slight letdown, which Samsung remedied by bringing back the feature with the S7 and S7 Edge. In doing so, users can theoretically enjoy more than 200GB of storage space and it is only fitting that the Note 6 will have the same.

And as a bonus, the next-gen original phablet is likely to boast a minimum RAM provision of 5GB, a leap from last year's 4GB.

Adoptable storage

However, Samsung opted not to support the native Android Marshmallow feature of Adoptable Storage that allows the merging of internal and external memory chips into one, which makes for smoother and more stable device storage functions. Likely, Samsung will correct this with the Galaxy Note 6 launch.

Android N

Same with the Galaxy Note 5 last 2015, the Galaxy Note 6 release date should happen no later than August 2016. And if Google will unleash Android N or version 7.0 of its mobile OS by June this year then the chance is high that the sequel to Android Marshmallow will come out of the box with the Note 6.