• Virtual Reality is taking gaming to the next level

Virtual Reality is taking gaming to the next level (Photo : Getty/Coneyl Jay)

Virtual Reality is the hottest trend in the game development industry, and according to a survey, over 50 percent of game makers are interested in creating games for virtual reality headsets. VR headsets are arriving as new fantasy gadget that takes you away from reality but critiques are arguing that technologies are blinding us from other blessings of life. 

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A 2011 documentary "Surviving Progress" highlights how modern society and technology are just trying to sell people new gadgets without real purpose. However, virtual reality comes as a knocker to such anti-tech beliefs because apart from entertainment, VR technology has great implications and it only takes eyes to see. The $80 billion video game industry is looking forward to VR in the future, CNET reported.

The popular tech magazine exemplified story of Sylvio Drouin, who found himself watching the aforementioned documentary with 35 other people in a Paris apartment. Carrying flip phones, the people in the apartment seemed allergic to excesses of technology and uttered things against technological progress.

Drouin, who works at Unity Technologies, a game engine developer company, could not stand the fiasco and pulled Google Cardboard from his bag and allowed people to have a peek. They witnessed a 360-video of a helicopter ride above New York. Next thing Drouin knew was that people were asking him how to get their own VR headset. "Until you try it, you're skeptical of it," CNET quoted Drouin as saying.

As Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are landing on Earth this year, virtual reality has become one of the hottest topics of the discussion, so much so that even adult film industry is exploring possible implications for VR porn Fortune reported. The Game Developers Conference 2016 billed for San Francisco's Moscone Convention Center this week will take the topic into the debate.

Who is going to be the leading virtual reality star? It is Oculus Rift versus the world. When Oculus VR first took its flight as a Kickstarter campaign back in 2012, raising over $2.4 million in just 31 days, which was bought by Facebook two years later for $2 billion. This is a proof that people are not against technology and want to see a real change.

For now, the best hopes of virtual reality rest with gaming and game enthusiasts around the world are impatiently waiting for GDC 2016 to come up with new ideas. This video shows how virtual reality gaming really feels like with HTC Vive.

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