• History Channel's Alone airs season 2 in April

History Channel's Alone airs season 2 in April (Photo : History Channel)

History Channel's hit reality show "Alone", which aired its first season last year, will premiere its second season Thursday, April 21, which consists of thirteen one-hour episodes. The series was filmed on the harsh terrain and weather conditions of Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

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A press release states that "Alone" will air in over 200 territories worldwide on History. It is stated that 2.4 million viewers tuned in for the finale of the first season, growing 50% from its series premiere. It was History's #1 new non-fiction series last year among all key demographics.

Alone puts 10 ordinary people, who are so-called "experts" at survival, and places them smack dab in the middle of one of the harshest environments known to man.

On the remote location in the northwest, these 'survivalists' are left to fend for themselves with nothing but a backpack filled with a few items of their choosing, as well as, a few cameras to self-document the experience and a satellite phone that they could use when they wanted to quit or "tap out" of the show.

The only objective of course is to outlast the other nine contestants and the winner gets US $500,000.

On Vancouver Island, the contestants are faced with harsh weather conditions including torrential rains, chilling sleet and snow, as well as the constant threat of predators such as black bears and cougars.

Contestants must find their own food on the island, build their own shelter -- and basically survive.

The first season of Alone averaged 2.5 million total viewers and 936,000 adults 18-49 after nine weeks of airtime. It reached as high as the top three in new non-fiction cable series in 2015.

In the end, 40-year old Alan Kay, a Corrections Officer from Blairsville, Georgia, outlasted fellow top two finalist, 22-year old Sam Larson, a Customer Relations Rep from Lincoln, Nebraska to win the cash prize of half a million dollars.

Kay, the first season's winner, lost nearly 60-pounds and admitted the whole experience was physically taxing on the body. He also gave in to psychological distress towards the end of the show.

"Around the 14- and 21- day period, it became obvious to me I was losing [weight]. It was during these times I experienced an extreme loss of energy as well," Kay told People magazine.

"At the end of my stay on Vancouver Island, my belt could wrap around to my tail bone. I went from a 38-in. waist to a 31-in. waist. And this looks strange to me, as I am 6'6"," Kay added. "Looking in a mirror for the first time after coming out of the woods was surreal; the only part of me I recognized was my eyes."