• Finding Mr. Right 2

Finding Mr. Right 2 (Photo : Time)

Like the Shanghai Disneyland opening day tickets which were sold out in 30 minutes, 1,100 sets of premium ticket packages sold in advance for some films to be exhibited at the forthcoming 6th Beijing International Film Festival were gone in seconds.

China Entertainment News reported that over 300,000 film buffs bought the packages that when the press conference for the 6th Beijing International Film Festival started, all package tickets were sold out. Among the film series included in the premium ticket packages are “Star Wars” and “Alien.”

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Online ticket sales for the 500 movies selected to join the filmfest begins on April 1, although the one-week festival would only begin in April 16 through 23. To open the film festival is the Chinese romantic comedy "Finding Mr. Right 2."

According to CRI, the opening movie is not a follow-up to the original film shown in 2013 but has a brand new story about a public relations employee of a Macau casino and a real estate agent based out of Los Angeles. Actors Tang Wei and Wu Xiubo are the stars of the movie.

Organizers received 2,329 films from 105 nations to show their movies at the Panorama section of the festival, broken down into 365 Chinese and 1,964 foreign movies. But only 500 were selected to be shown in 25 cinemas and five universities. The 1,000 screening will be divided into 20 themed sections such as “award-winning selections,” “power of the writer” and “mainstream focus.”

It is not just new movies that would be exhibited. Films restored by the China Film Archive and other cinematic institutions would be shown, such as “The Last Emperor 3D,” “Intolerance” and “Ivan Groznyy.” To observe the centennial of the birth of director Sang Hu, special showings of his movies would be made.

Chinese moviegoers can look forward to a wide range of foreign flicks such as “600 Millas,” “Dheepan” and “Death in Sarajevo.” Made-in-China films participating include “Moscow not Far Away,” “Path of the Soul” and “Beijing Carmen.”