• The Winds Of Winter

The Winds Of Winter (Photo : Reuters)

It is all but confirmed that George R.R. Martin will not deliver the "Winds of Winter" ahead of the "Game of Thrones" Season 6 premiere. The book, reports said, will only be completed and published long after the 10 fresh GoT episodes have all been broadcasted. Essentially, it is the HBO fantasy-drama that will carry the spoilers. 

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Persistent rumors indicate that Martin will be unable to turn in the Winds of Winter manuscript before the scheduled Game of Thrones return on April 24. Per a report by The BitBag, Martin presently struggles with writers' block and might require the assistance of fellow novelist Neil Gaiman to wrap up everything.

While Martin has been consistent in saying that the next GoT book chapter is nearing the last leg of work, delays will be inevitable. However, he recently declared that his time and energy are now focused on getting the book done soonest.

""I am not writing anything until I deliver Winds of Winter," Martin was reported as saying.

So with the Game of Thrones Season 6 running ahead of its book counterpart it going to be spoilers galore once the episodes begin airing. One thing that GoT book fans can look forward to, which the HBO series will first show, is the Tower of Joy story arc. And the storyline, according to iDigitalTimes, will necessitate a backstory treatment of Ned Stark.

HBO has yet to hint that actor Sean Bean will return to the GoT set to shoot flashback scenes of the beheaded Winterfell lord but the supposed revisit of the Tower of Joy in Season 6 appears to suggest of an impending comeback.

As iDigitalTimes has explained, that fateful tower is where Lyanna Stark, Ned's sister, was found just before the fall of the Targaryen dynasty. There, Lyanna died of childbirth but not before asking from Eddard the sacred vow of looking after her infant child.

That same baby boy GoT viewers later got to know as Jon Snow, allegedly Ed Stark's bastard son. Evidently, the Tower of Joy story arc is in support of the circulating theories that it was Rhaegar Targaryen who fathered Jon Snow, making the beloved Game of Thrones hero the rightful claimant to the Iron Throne.

And the Tower of Joy is also connected to GoT fans' firm conviction that Jon Snow is not dead and even if he died as HBO would want viewers to believe, he will rise from the dead, with Red Religion priestess Melisandre working on her magic, to save Westeros during the onslaught of winter and the White Walkers and rule the Seven Kingdoms.