• Anhui School Brawl

Anhui School Brawl (Photo : YouTube)

An argument between a male teacher at Fanji High School in Anhui Province and male students ended in a brawl. The video of the fight was uploaded on Weibo on Tuesday and has become viral.

The English teacher, Ma, is seen at the start of the video arguing with a student who refused to submit his test. He then shoved the student and grabbed him by the neck, reported People’s Daily.

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However, four other male students came to their classmate’s defense and took turns in hitting Ma. But when the students stopped, Ma hit the student again. The students then attacked the angry teacher and this goes on three times.

The posting of the video on social media led to the suspension of the school’s headmaster, Zhang Mujiao, according to City Star newspaper. Zhang admitted the brawl happened, but he did not explain how he dealt with the situation.

Anhui officials and the Education Department is investigating the incident which occurred on April 15. There were no report of major injuries, and normal teaching has resumed, according to The Telegraph.

Although Ma has been described by a former student as “responsible” and “very professional English teacher” the tendency of Chinese to hit people when provoked or angry has been the subject of viral videos in social media recently, especially if the victims are women, children or the weak members of society.