• "Prometheus" sequel "Alien Covenant" has an initial release date of Aug. 4, 2017.

"Prometheus" sequel "Alien Covenant" has an initial release date of Aug. 4, 2017. (Photo : YouTube/Clevver News)

After it was confirmed in 2015 that the science fiction film "Prometheus" is going to have a sequel, updates about it has never ended. Recently, 20th Century Fox teased fans with a photo of "Prometheus 2," which is now called "Alien: Covenant," indicating a logo from an arm patch, which is said to be inspired by the biblical covenant.

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The image is not surprising knowing that the initial title of "Prometheus" sequel has been changed from "Alien: Paradise Lost" to "Alien: Covenant," iDigital Times reported.

The legend says that the biblical Covenant had destroyed cities or armies practicing evil doings. With that said, this may mean that the teaser photo is a confirmation that humanity is rising up to fight the so called creators of human beings.

It can be remembered that the final scene of the 2012 hit film "Prometheus" saw Doctor Elizabeth Shaw, played by Noomi Rappace, who has managed to defeat the remaining human-like alien, which is said to be among the species that engineered humanity.

Since Doctor Shaw also knows that the said species will put humanity to extinction, she decided to bring the fight to the alien's planet, with the help of Weyland Corporation's robot David, played Michael Fassbender. The two used one of the remaining alien ships located in the planet, while the rest of the crew faced their death.

On the other note, the possible plot of Doctor Shaw leading the way of the next film has been removed due to the confirmation that Rappace will not be coming back in "Prometheus" sequel.

Meanwhile, interms of "Alien: Covenant's" plot, as what was reported in Cinemablend, a new team of human will take the colony ship Covenant to what they call as the uncharted paradise and the habitat of the so called "Engineers." In that planet, they will eventually find David, the robot in which Doctor Shaw was with when they flew together using an alien ship.

It also seems that in "Alien: Covenant," the Xenomorph alien that fans saw during the last scene of "Prometheus" is going to follow Doctor Shaw and David's tracks. As a result, the colony ship Covenant may face deadly Xenomorphs in the said planet.

"Prometheus" sequel "Alien Covenant" has an initial release date of Aug. 4, 2017.

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