• UNSTOPPABLE | Angela Lee is on the cusp of greatness in WMMA in Asia

UNSTOPPABLE | Angela Lee is on the cusp of greatness in WMMA in Asia (Photo : ONE Championship)

Mixed martial arts has evolved over the years from being a niche sport with a small fan following to one of the fastest growing sports in the world today, and much of that exponential growth in Asia is due to ONE Championship's aggressive growth strategy across the region.

Today, ONE Championship has on its roster the biggest local and international mixed martial arts talent in Asia, and this fight is indelible proof of that, being a contest between two of the best women's atomweights in the world.

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Here are 5 reasons why Lee-Yamaguchi is the biggest fight in ONE Championship history.

#1 It's for the inaugural ONE Women's Atomweight World Championship

Of course, a historic all-female headlining bout won't be complete without a title on the line, and ONE Championship will crown its first Women's Atomweight World Champion when these two feisty females finally enter the cage.

Lee, like her nickname, has been completely unstoppable on her way to a perfect 5-0 record with five submissions. Yamaguchi is no slouch either, being one of the most experienced female combatants in Asia who has won trophies in various fighting disciplines and faced some of the best women's fighters in the world.

Besides personal pride and glory, both women are fighting to become part of Asian MMA history by claiming this title and making it part of their legacy. With a victory, Lee would become Singapore's first-ever MMA World Champion, while Yamaguchi would undoubtedly become an all-time great should she win this third and most important women's title in her career.

#2 It's an all-female headliner

A few years ago, if you talked about two women headlining a major mixed martial arts fight card in Asia that broadcasts to one billion people in over 75 countries worldwide, you would get funny looks and nobody would believe you.

Although combat sports has always been a male-dominated endeavor, women have emerged of late to be amazing competitors, and have put on classic battles. Fast and Furious star Gina Carano put women's MMA on the map and brought it to the mainstream, while the UFC's Ronda Rousey continued the trend.

Now, it's these two women's turns to carry the mantle. When Angela Lee meets Mei Yamaguchi at the center of the ONE cage less than two weeks from now, it will mark the first ONE Championship event to ever have two female athletes headlining in the main event.

#3 Angela Lee is the biggest star in Asia

Few fighters have been able to capture the imagination like Angela Lee has, and at such a young age and short time too. Lee is hands-down one of the best fighters in Asia, regardless of weight class or gender, which says a lot in a region teeming with talent.

What makes Lee so special are her exceptional stand-up skills, honed alongside her highly-skilled teammates at Evolve MMA, coupled with her world-class grappling which has produced five straight submission victories. Lee can finish opponents in a variety of ways: on her feet, on the ground, or with her back to the canvas.

The skill level with which Lee operates is nothing short of awe-inspiring. Here we have a young girl, essentially just entering her twenties, on the cusp of MMA greatness. It doesn't hurt that Lee is absolutely gorgeous and could probably win a beauty contest as much as an MMA world title fight too.

#4 Mei Yamaguchi is Lee's biggest test

You can't overlook Lee's opponent either. While Lee has quickly dominated the first five opponents in her young professional MMA career, she'll have her hands full with Yamaguchi, who sports a 15-8-1 record and is on a three-fight win streak against tough opponents.

Yamaguchi learned karate and taekwondo at an early age, and MMA shortly after while she grew up in Los Angeles. Yamaguchi then moved to Japan to teach martial arts and increase her knowledge and experience, adding jiujitsu and chute boxing to her growing skill set.

She is the current DEEP Jewels featherweight champion, was previously the Valkyrie featherweight champion, and is undoubtedly one of the most talented and decorated female MMA fighters in Asia. With a wealth of experience competing at the very highest level and championship-winning fights under her belt, there's no doubt Yamaguchi has everything she needs to make sure Lee has her hands full.

#5 The winner will become a role model for women in Asia

There lies a certain responsibility that comes with being a world champion. You must conduct yourself in a certain manner, and present yourself to both media and fans alike as a role model for youth and other aspirants. That's on top of what is expected of your performance in the cage too - you can't just win, you have to possess a championship swagger while you're at it.

Whoever prevails, whether it's the young and skilful Angela Lee or the wise and experienced veteran Mei Yamaguchi, she'll have to take on all the responsibilities of being a world champion, and take her place in MMA history.

The winner will be crowned the inaugural ONE Women's Atomweight World Champion, the first-ever female MMA world champion from a major organization, and the first woman to take center stage for the sport on this side of the world. The implications of all these are far-reaching.

When the confetti falls from the sky and her hand is raised in the air, this person will have made history. And the best part is, it's only just the beginning.