• Shanghai Visitors

Shanghai Visitors (Photo : Touristchinese.wordpress.com)

Were Chinese tourists misbehaving again or were they getting even with dining establishments that overpriced soft drinks and bottled water during the May Day weekend?

Six weeks before Shanghai Disneyland opens on June 16, local tourists are familiarizing themselves with the area by visiting Disney Town during the weekend. However, The South China Morning Post reported that there were marks of unruly behavior left by the Chinese tourists such as graffiti on a lamp post.

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The scribble stated that someone traveled to the area. Photo of the graffiti has gone viral on Chinese social media sites, according to Thepaper.cn.

The behavior got the collective anger of netizens who condemned what the local vandals did to the shopping and entertainment district. Shanghai Disneyland is also the owner of Disney Town and other facilities such as the Shanghai Village, Ecological Green Park and a large shopping area.

Besides writing on lamp posts, other local tourists picked flowers at the 300,000-square-meter park which features vanilla orchids, located beside the Shanghai Village. Others stepped on the grass, prompting park authorities to initiate measures to protect the area such as placing makeshift fences in front of the garden and limiting visitors to only 20 per group.

Even the Shanghai Disneyland was not spared as some visitors peeked into holes of the resort’s tarp covering to have a glimpse of what awaits them on June 16, reported Mashable.

A Weibo user warned Shanghai residents and business establishments, “Consider this a preview of what’s to come when Disneyland opens.” Along with the business that the major tourist attraction would create are the mayhem caused by unruly tourists.