• Android Developers site showing restructured menu

Android Developers site showing restructured menu (Photo : Android Developers)

The 2016 Google I/O is soon to hit YouTube, but Android Developers site could not withhold minor updates. The site has been updated with menu restructure and few minor changes in the design.

Android Developers site has been updated with minor changes at the time Google's most anticipated event Google I/O is due to take place in less than a week. The release of the new update for Android site ahead of the big conference suggests that the site had to be updated before I/O announcements, Android Headlines reported.

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Google I/O now has one announcement less, because the latest update for Android Developers site is not very colossal in nature to beef up the audience at the conference. The new developments comprise changes in the design and menu structure.

Among the main Android site updates, navigation has now shifted to the left side of the page and top menu restructured with "Design", "Develop" and "Distribute" options. Additionally, a left-handed slide-out menu also "Preview" tab.

The function of the hamburger panel is limited to opening and closing the peripheral slide-out menu. The slide-out panel also features hyperlinked texts that navigate to Android, Wear, TV, and Automotive related channels. The design is certainly a prominent improvement with a much more user-friendly interface.

The new design makes Android Developers site appear somewhat the same when viewed on the desktop or mobile browser. This brings homogeneity among the desktop and the mobile site.

Apart from the minor changes, one can already witness, more modifications may be on the way after Google I/O is done announcing more updates about the Android platform. One of the most anticipated aspect of 2016 Google I/O is virtual reality headset because the Alphabet wants the search giant to do more than Google Cardboard.

Reportedly, the actual material of the site is still unchanged including the Android N developer preview documentation among API and other basic contents. The search box collapses to cover the entire length of the screen when activated and the "Developer Console" button is still present on the top right.

According to the Android new website, Google I/O will also announce updates on Android Wear, Android TV, and Android Auto. So enhancement of Android Developers site is just a glimpse of what else Google's software engineers are hiding up their sleeves. This video highlights more of what can be expected from 2016 Google I/O conference.