• Same-Sex Couple Hold Wedding Ceremony In Seoul

Same-Sex Couple Hold Wedding Ceremony In Seoul (Photo : Getty Images)

Taiwanese legislators want legal recognition of same-sex couples in the country to go beyond eight regions but cover the whole nation. On April 1, Changua became the eighth region to acknowledge gay unions.

CNN reported that some Taiwanese legislators would file a new proposal to legalize same-sex marriage through a parliamentary committee this 2016. The country fast embracing gay relations has a lot to do with the large number of LGBT members supporting the legislation.

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As a result, having sex with the same gender is legal in Taiwan and its yearly gay pride parade is the biggest in Asia. Workplace and school discrimination based on gender preference is prohibited and it is legal to change gender.

With new Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen openly supporting gender equality and LGBT rights, the legislators feel a new bill legalizing gay marriages across Taiwan has better chances under the new government.

But despite the liberal attitude of the president and many citizens, two groups could stand in the way of the proposed bill. They are older generation and Christian Taiwanese.

Meanwhile, in Hong Kong, what lawmakers are fighting for is same-sex partners to have the right to claim the ashes of a loved one. Since Hong Kong does not recognize the legality of gay marriages contracted abroad, to address the issue, Labor Party’s Cyd Ho Sau-lan proposed to include a same-sex partner in the definition of a relative.

The Pink Alliance is supporting Cyd Ho Sau-lan’s proposal. Billy Leung, vice chairman of the alliance, explained, “It’s important that partners of same-sex couple should have a final say and be involved in the arrangements of picking up the ashes and arranging funerals. It’s important to be recognised as part of the family,” quoted South China Morning Post.