After denying that it would acquit Korean actor Park Yoochun of four rape charges, the Seoul Police is turning around 180 degrees and would acquit him of the charges.

Soompi reported that the change is because of the difficulty in proving that the friend of “Descendants of the Sun” actor Song Joong-ki used force on his alleged sexual assault victims, then “the charges of sexual assault are not valid,” said the Seoul Gangnam police on Monday, July 11.

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The entertainment portal said that the investigation on the sexual assault accusations would be ended and the results sent to the prosecution this weekend or early next week.

But a cloud still looms over Park Yoochun’s head because police are still looking at possible solicitation of prostitution charges against the actor after they restored text messages between Park Yoochun which had several mentions of “100 million won” or about $87,000. The accuser could also be charged with blackmail and false accusations.

Meanwhile, fans of Park Yoochun are protesting some of the unique graduation photos of students of Uijeongbu High School which always have reference to the Korean entertainment industry. Three of the images have reference to the sexual assault cases against the actor and another celebrity, Pittsburgh Pirates baseball player Kang Jung Ho.

One reference to Park Yoochun is a student dressed as Mickey Mouse while standing in front of a door with the label “Women’s Bathroom. No Mickeys allowed.” Park Yoochun’s previous stage name is Micky Yoochun. The second reference is another student who has a Mickey Mouse shirt and carrying a toilet seat, which refers to the bathroom where the alleged rapes happened.

The parody photos led some of the fans of Park Yoochun to complain that their idol is being defamed by the high school students. The fans plan to complain the photos to CJes Entertainment, the actor’s agency.