• Tianjin University

Tianjin University (Photo : Tianjin University)

If China’s Peking University attracts and graduates only one Paleobiology major a year, it would be interesting to know how many students at Tianjin University would enroll in a course on seduction.

Agence France Presse reported that the course Theory and Practice of Romantic Relations features lectures on pick-up techniques, self-presentation and how to attract the opposite gender. Ironically, the course is taught by Xie Shu whose core subject is Communist Ideology.

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The course includes how to handle rejection. Xie’s first tip for males turned down by women they are courting is never to throw the bouquet of flowers at her. Instead, “keep calm,” he said.

Tianjin University makes Chinese education history by being the first university to integrate the seduction course into the curriculum. Students who finish the course would gain credit for the degrees they are pursuing. Its offer indicates the changing social norms in the communist nation and to address the situation of generations of spoiled kids since they were raised without siblings due to China’s one-child policy, used to getting their way at home.

Li Yinhe, a sexologist, explained that the Chinese youth of today lack relationship with people their own age because they were raised in one-child homes. He said, “A boy who has a sister might have a better understanding of how to interact with a girl,” quoted Hong Kong Free Press.

Another irony with the tutor is he is single, likely a victim of China’s gender imbalance, while teaching a course on seduction. He stated, “I don’t have a wife or a girlfriend which is a bit embarrassing.”