• "Sing! China" is one of the most popular TV singing competitions in the country.

"Sing! China" is one of the most popular TV singing competitions in the country. (Photo : Facebook/Sing! China)

Losing a lawsuit in late June over the use of the title "2016 The Voice of China" did not prevent its producers from going ahead with the airing of the reality singing contest on Friday, July 15.

It was actually the fifth season of the reality singing competition, but this time it came out as "Sing! China." The show not only went beyond the legal issues but even led audience rating across China.

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It still followed the concept, based on the original “The Voice of Holland” show which aims to search for a new singing talent among aspiring singers selected through public auditions, reported China Daily.

When the show debuted in China in 2013, it used the brand “The Voice of China.” But legal disputes between Talpa Holding, which owns the show’s franchise and format, and Canxing Production, the production company behind the show, when Canxing launched “Sing! China” but had a lot of similarities with “The Voice of China.”

However, the coach and judge’s chair do not turn in “Sing! China” The jury sits on chairs that looks like a chariot which descends from the top in a sliding way. Shown over Zhejiang TV every Friday evening, the coaches are pop diva Na Ying, mainland China rock star Wang Feng, pop icon Jay Chou and Taiwanese singer Harlem Yu.

At the premiere on Friday, Singaporean singer Nathan Hartono auditioned and selected Jay Chou as his mentor, reported the StraitsTimes.