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Nike logo (Photo : Reuters)

Athleticwear giant Nike has teamed up with Sacai, a popular brand in the fashion industry, for an eight-piece womenswear collection   

Sacai is a fairly small label, but has received praise from people such as famous Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld.

Nike is already the king of the market for performance sneakers. Its joint venture with Sacai will help it grab a larger share of the women's activewear market.

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The collection will be inspired by Nike's tennis, running and football attire. Some of its classics include mesh lace, tech fleece and side zips, according to Yahoo.

Many of Sacai's collections have already impressed Nike's design team. In 2012 during the Paris Fashion week, the company debuted its ready-to-wear line. Sacai was founded in 1999.  

The founder of Sacai, Chitose Abe, has become famous for using novel materials and mixes. Her surprising combos include the blending of heavy wools and tech fabrics.

Abe is interested in producing hybrids that make "an unexpected yet wearable result," according to QZ. She made this comment at a press conference during which she announced the collaboration.

Abe noted that she creates her hybrids by combining various shapes and fabrics. Her ideas often originate from sportswear that's performance-based or utility-based.

In a bit of irony, Abe is the wife of Junichi Abe, who just signed a contract with Adidas, Nike's rival. His collection of clothing and sneakers will be for men.